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Warsaw. Opening of Lengrenówka. Weekend of attractions in the former studio of the creator of “Adventures of Professor Filutek”

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Lengrenówka is already open. On Friday, the educational and artistic space of the Museum of Caricature welcomed its first guests. It was created in the apartment where Zbigniew Lengren, a cartoonist and author of children’s literature, lived and worked. Several attractions for children and adults are planned for the weekend.

Lengrenówka is located at Brzozowa 6 / 8a in the Old Town. The two-story “cottage” was conceived as a place for meetings, education and small artistic events, as well as workshops focused on drawing, comics, architecture, theater and literature for children and teenagers. The official opening took place on Friday.

Former apartment of Zbigniew Lengren

– After almost five years of renovation, it is time to finally finish the preparation of Lengrenówka and to start its substantive activity. We have been organizing various events there since February-March, such as comic book meetings or comic workshops for adults or children, but the opening weekend will be a clear sign that Lengrenówka has already started its official activity – said Paweł Płoski, director of the Museum of Caricature.

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The new educational and artistic space is located in the former apartment of Zbigniew Lengren, who was a cartoonist, illustrator, author of satirical texts, as well as a set designer and author of children’s literature. He collaborated with radio, theaters, cabarets and Polish Television. The series “Adventures of Profesora Filutek” and his dog Filuś, which originally appeared in “Przekrój”, brought him great popularity. He also illustrated books on the adventures of Dr. Dolittle.

The collection of the Caricature Museum has more than 130 drawings and posters by Lengren. In the form of a deposit, the facility also obtained a large part of the collection of works and souvenirs from the artist’s family and heirs. They will be used in the presentation and promotion of his work.

Attractions during the opening weekend of Lengrenówka

The official opening of Lengrenówka on Friday was graced by the Open Air Lengren Review prepared by the Warsaw Comedy Club and the concert of The Real Gone Tones – a Warsaw band playing rockabilly, rhythm’n’blues, swing and country music, whose singer and leader is Maria Lengren – the granddaughter of the famous cartoonist.

For the following days, the opening weekend, celebrated under the slogan “Lengrenówka. Beginning”, the Museum of Caricature also prepared many artistic and educational events.

On Saturday, there will be KARYKATOUR, a walk around Warsaw’s Old Town, with a map – a game drawn by Marcin Surma. The walk will be led by the director of the Museum of Caricature, Paweł Płoski. – During this walk, we want to build awareness that the Museum of Caricature has two departments, one on Kozia Street and the other on Brzozowa Street – explained Płoski.

There will also be workshops on drawing jokes with Michał Ombudsman, author of “Really nieśuśny drawings”, and a literary workshop with Grzegorz Uzdański, author of the website “New poems of famous poets”, writer and author of the novel “Wypiór”.

An open drawing workshop will be conducted on Sunday by Weronika Reroń, illustrator and graphic designer, as well as a comic book meeting with Jacek Świdziński, a cartoonist associated with “Przekrój” – the author of comic books (scripts and drawings). The day will end with “Filutki. Storytelling workshops for children” organized together with the Studnia O.


– These are the events that during the opening weekend are a “pill” that is to show what Lengrenówka is. We want it to be a space for meetings and education, and even for small artistic events or exhibitions. In our intention, Lengrenówka is also to be a studio, and this is its official name, i.e. Lengrenówka – Caricature Museum Workshop. We plan to create a co-working space in Lengrenówka, where cartoonists and comic bookers will find a quiet and free space to work from the new season, after the summer holidays, informed Paweł Płoski.

The celebration doesn’t end at the weekend

However, the celebration of the opening of Lengrenówka does not end this weekend. As the director of the Museum of Caricature noted, “because of the patron of the place and the man who lived in this place for several decades, at the end of June we are organizing the exhibition ‘Zbigniew Lengren. Humorist'”.

– It will be an intimate exhibition, which is to interest people walking around the Old Town or admiring the panorama from the terrace on Skarpa. We would like to remind you in the basic scope of Lengren’s work, as well as its diversity, because it is not only Professor Filutek, but also great book illustrations, for example for the series of novels about Dr. Dolittle, various man-made drawings, medieval jokes, as well as photo-drawings. The exhibition will be a tribute to Lengren, as well as a signal that we remember him and want this memory to last – emphasized Płoski.

The exhibition will be open to visitors from June 25 to October 2. The museum has also prepared an educational program: OUTDOOR – a series of open-air workshops, and further KARYKATOUR walks.

– We are open to activities on various levels. We want to build ties with our immediate, neighborly surroundings. We also want the creators to feel that this is their place, that they can meet here, organize a promotion of the latest comic book album, a discussion or workshops – said Płoski.

Lengrenówka is to be an “environmental address”

In October, Lengrenówka will host a convention of the Association of Polish Caricature Artists. – Therefore, we would like Lengrenówka to become an environmental address, for this place to live not only with the program that we organize, but also to establish contacts with the environment and open up to them – he stressed.

Lengrenówka’s partner is the Przekrój Foundation, which provided the Museum with, among others, animations with Professor Filutek, as well as archival materials related to Zbigniew Lengren. The patron is “Komiksowe Notebook”.

Lengrenówka is located in the Old TownKatarzyna Majek

The Caricature Museum commemorates valued cartoonists

Director Płoski recalled that this year, the Museum of Caricature commemorated Szymon Kobyliński with an open-air exhibition. – This exhibition stood both in the green area next to the Caricature Museum, and it was possible to show it at Plac Defilad during the Book Fair – he said.

– At the end of the year, we will try to answer the question of how to deal with the legacy of an important cartoonist and artist. We are preparing an exhibition dedicated to Koziołek Matołek on the 90th anniversary of the publication of the first book about his adventures, informed Paweł Płoski. The exhibition is intended for children. – We plan to make the exhibition a place of salvation – a space where, first of all, children are to find themselves, and Matołek the goat is to accompany them during their visit to the museum – explained the director of the museum.

The figure of Koziołek Matołek is a joint work of Kornel Makuszyński (text) and Marian Walentynowicz (color illustrations).

Next year, when the Caricature Museum is celebrating its 45th anniversary, a large exhibition will be organized devoted to the patron of this institution, i.e.Eryk Lipiński. – We are trying to show a broader context and the meaning of his work. We want to show him not only as a cartoonist, a cartoonist, but also as a man who – in short – designed People’s Poland. We want to present his various initiatives, posters, illustrations, animated films, book and CD covers, as well as advertising activities – emphasized Paweł Płoski. As he noted, “it can be an intriguing exhibition, showing how a draftsman, satirist and designer can influence Polish everyday life.

– So we check various solutions. All we want to avoid is translating jokes, explaining why something should make you laugh. These great and important artists do not need it, summed up Paweł Płoski.

We also informed about the exhibition of works by the legendary cartoonist Grzegorz Rosiński, creator of Thorgal:

Works by Grzegorz RosińskiKamil Kołodziejczyk / EC1 Łódź – the City of Culture

Main photo source: Caricature Museum

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