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Warsaw. Operation “Deer” on Inflancka Street

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A young deer was walking around the estate on Inflancka Street in Warsaw. City guards appeared with a large net. A manhunt has begun. The deer returned to the forest. In Pułtusk County, police officers helped a chick that had already been taken to the Warsaw zoo.

At a quarter past ten, on Saturday, May 11, city guards were called to Inflancka Street. An urban hunter asked for help and, together with a veterinarian, he tried to catch a deer walking around the closed area of ​​the estate. Two units were sent to the scene. Operation “Deer” has begun.

“Normally, in such cases, the hunter would use a shotgun with a tranquilizer to catch the animal,” the city guard explained in a statement. In this case, however, it was impossible. There were too many people wandering around the estate and the foresters decided to catch the animal with a net. That's why they asked the city guards, who acted as a manhunt, for help.

The animal was caught in a large net Warsaw City Guard

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He wanted to continue walking around the neighborhood

However, catching the animal was not easy. Despite the sleepy morning, the male was alert and closely watched the officers.

– Several times, when he saw us, he moved to different parts of the estate. We followed him with a net and finally managed to catch him, the guards reported.

The animal was taken care of by a hunter and a veterinarian. The deer was put in a cage and taken to the forests on the outskirts of the capital. There he was released.

The deer got into the cage Warsaw City Guard

Policemen are a “lifeline” for the chick

On Saturday, May 11, the owner of a summer plot in Śliski, commune, called the district officer's office phone. Zatory (Pułtusk County) reported that while walking in the forest he found an abandoned and very cold chick. He tried to notify the veterinarian on his own, but unfortunately after several unsuccessful telephone attempts he gave up and decided that the Pułtusk police would be the “lifeline” for the chick.

The chick was hypothermic, but the prognosis is goodPułtusk police

– The district officer and her colleague from the patrol found a cardboard box of the appropriate size, sent it with scraps of paper and went to the reporting person. During this time, the district officer contacted an employee of the Environmental Protection Department at the Obryte Commune Office. After assessing the situation, the police prepared the chick for travel, covered it with foil and handed it over to the person responsible on behalf of the commune office, who personally transported the chick to the Bird House at the ZOO in Warsaw – says Kom. Milena Kopczyńska from the police in Pułtusk.

As it turned out, the bird from the Accipitridae family, although clearly weakened and cold, was in good condition and had a good prognosis.

The chick was taken care of by the police and was taken to the Warsaw zooPułtusk police

Main photo source: Warsaw City Guard

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