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Warsaw. Outrageous scenes at a bakery in Wola. The client vulgarly insulted a saleswoman from Ukraine

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A customer of one of the bakeries in Wola recorded a woman insulting a saleswoman from beyond the eastern border. Aggressive woman screams and vulgarly challenges the shop assistant. The police are dealing with the matter.

The incident happened a few days ago. Social media users publish a 45-second video, which shows a customer screaming and vulgarly insulting store employees in a bakery. The saleswoman has a distinctly eastern accent. The video that went online shows only a fragment of the fight. Due to numerous profanity, it is not suitable for publication.

“Won from my country!”

“Do you understand what I am saying to you? I need bread without any additives, honey” – says the customer of the bakery in a raised voice. The saleswoman points to one of the shelves with bread and says: here you are. The nervous woman continues: “Ma’am, I worked in my country in the tax office. You do not scare me.”

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“Go to your country, because you make such a fuss in our country that it is out of your mind” – replies the client. “Am I making a fuss?” – the amazed saleswoman asks. “I will ask for a piece of bread, cut it and I’m leaving, because I don’t want to argue with you” – says the client.

After a while, you can see the saleswoman taking off her plastic glove. At this point, the video is cut off.

In its next part, you can hear the client screaming vulgarly at the saleswoman. “You foo … yo busy! Prostitute you, on … w … me! Won from my country! I can hear the saleswoman trying to defend herself, but her words are not clear. Aggressive customer continues. yells: “p … ll, old prostitute. Fuck … what a … u are you !. Won to your country! ”This is where the video ends.

The police took up the matter

As established by “Gazeta Stołeczna”, the shocking film was shot in a bakery in Wola belonging to the network. The representative of the company to which the point belongs does not comment on the matter, which argues with the good of the aggrieved saleswoman.

The case is known to policemen from Wola. – We have received the notification of the possibility of committing a crime. We are making arrangements in this matter. We interviewed witnesses. The preliminary classification of the act was defined as a national insult, Marta Sulowska told tvnwarszawa.pl. The policemen also managed to establish the data of the rowdy client.

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He demolished the pharmacy equipment and leftDawid Klepadło

Main photo source: twitter.com/michaljadczak

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