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Warsaw. Over 17,000 students from Ukraine in Warsaw schools

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We estimate that over five percent of all students in Warsaw are children and teenagers who fled the war in Ukraine. We provide them with places in kindergartens and schools, but also distance learning points, psychological assistance, supplementary nutrition and integration programs – says the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski.

Warsaw provides Ukrainian students with comprehensive support, including integration programs. – The financial support that we have received from many entities, including, above all, from the United Nations Children’s Fund, i.e. UNICEF, is very important to us. The war in Ukraine is still going on, so help is still needed – says Trzaskowski in a communiqué on this subject.

They join existing classes

Due to the outbreak of war beyond our eastern border, over 17,000 children and youth from Ukraine joined kindergartens and schools in Warsaw. Over 14,000 of them attend municipal educational institutions, of which over 3,000 attend kindergartens and pre-school departments, nearly 10,000 attend primary schools, and just over a thousand attend secondary schools.

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Children and youth from Ukraine join the existing classes and preparatory departments, of which 124 have now been created and operate in 72 schools (60 primary schools and 12 high schools).

Since the outbreak of the war, we have provided Ukrainian students with access to education in two ways. The first one is access to full-time education in Warsaw schools. Thanks to cooperation with UNICEF and private partners, we have also organized remote learning places, thanks to which children and youth continue their education in the Ukrainian system – emphasizes Renata Kaznowska, Vice Mayor of Warsaw.

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Remote learning points

Warsaw also organized 48 online learning points for young people learning online in the Ukrainian system. The places are equipped with computer stations connected to the network, and students are under the care of Ukrainian teachers. Distance learning points include: in the Youth Palace, the Center for Education and Development in Wola and in district out-of-school institutions. Distance learning places for Ukrainian students are funded by UNICEF.

In cooperation with the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM), 300 Ukrainian teachers were employed in schools as assistants to Polish teachers – the project is financed by PCPM.

Thanks to cooperation with the Polish Center for International Aid, teachers from Ukraine work as assistants to Polish teachersWarsaw City Hall

Joint holidays and holidays

Thanks to the agreement with UNICEF, the organization financed, among others, the “Together summer in Warsaw” campaign, where Polish and Ukrainian students could take advantage of care in schools and a wide range of activities during the summer holidays.

The winter edition of the action entitled “Common Warsaw Winter”. This is a proposal to spend winter holidays in Warsaw, prepared for Ukrainian children who came to Poland after February 24, 2022.

– We have been preparing such an offer for Warsaw students for years and it is very popular. Currently, as part of the “Common Warsaw Winter” project, we have nearly a thousand Ukrainian children enrolled – about 600 of them participate in classes every day. As part of the action, we also provide care and food. Vacancies are constantly updatedsays Deputy Mayor Kaznowska.

Participation in the campaign is free for refugee children – the project is financed by UNICEF, which allocated about PLN 1.6 million for this – the expenditure depends on the number of registered children from Ukraine.

Action details on the website: warszawa-zimawmiescie.pzo.edu.pl.

They provide psychological help

Almost from the first days of the war in Ukraine, Warsaw launched psychological support for young refugees from Ukraine and their families. At present, in 26 municipal psychological and pedagogical counseling centers throughout the city, you can use the help of specialists – in almost half of them, consultations are conducted in the Ukrainian language, in the remaining ones, visits take place, among others. in English language. The clinics received additional funds to equip them with materials and aids for working with refugee children and youth.

Currently, the project “Mobile psychologist with Ukrainian language” is being implemented, which includes psychological support for Ukrainian students in Warsaw kindergartens and schools. A team of psychologists arrives at the facilities and provides the necessary support, at the same time involving specialists who work on site (school counselors, psychologists) in the assistance processes. Activities carried out in 2022 were financed by the Bloomberg Foundation. In the period January – March 2023, the implementation of the program is possible thanks to the UNICEF Fund.

Addresses of counseling centers providing assistance to refugees can be found at: Ukrainian-children-and-youth support.

Education and Development Center in the bank’s office building

The center has been operating since mid-June 2022 and uses the space (approx. 1.5 thousand square meters) lent by Alior Bank in the office building located at ul. Towarowa in Wola. Thanks to funds from UNICEF, the facility was equipped with the necessary furniture, computer equipment, teaching aids and toys. The capital city of Warsaw is responsible for the functioning of the centre. Warsaw.

The center is a facility designed specifically for refugee children and their families. The facility has remote learning places for young people learning online in the Ukrainian system and clubs for younger children. The center also has an information point where students and parents can learn about the educational offer of Warsaw and sign up for classes. There is also a large-scale psychological support point in the center – so far over 10,000 people, mainly children and teenagers, have benefited from this form of help. Support provided by Ukrainian psychologists, their work is supervised by the municipal TOP Clinic. The facility hosts Polish language courses and a number of other classes, e.g. in economics, programming, art workshops.

So far, 27,000 children and their parents have benefited from the entire offer of the Center for Education and Development. More information about the activities of the institution on the website: educaton.um.warszawa.pl/centrum-edukacji-i- Rozwoju.

Center for Education and Development (CEiR) Warsaw City Hall

Training for teachers and principals

In Warsaw, there is also a contact point and a team for teaching foreign children, which help teachers and headmasters of schools where foreign children, including refugee and immigrant children, as well as re-emigrating Polish children, learn.

In addition, the municipal teacher training institution, i.e. the Warsaw Center for Educational and Social Innovation and Training (WCIES), organizes courses and training for Polish and Ukrainian teachers. The offer has been prepared with all stages of education in mind and involves e.g. with: adaptation in a Polish school, learning Polish as a foreign language, methods of working with a foreign student, models of a foreigner support system. Current training and registration: courses.wcies.edu.pl.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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