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Warsaw. Paid parking zone on weekends. The idea is downtown

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About PLN 20 million a year more would go to the city’s coffers if parking fees in Śródmieście were also in force at weekends. These are the calculations of the Municipal Roads Authority in response to an interpellation from one of the capital’s councillors. The idea is currently at the design stage. There are no decisions.

According to the information provided by the vice-president of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski, in response to an interpellation from PiS councilor Olga Semeniuk-Patkowska regarding paid parking on weekends, “the possibility of extending paid parking to Saturdays and Sundays was analyzed”. The idea concerns the Śródmieście district.

Determining the Downtown Paid Unguarded Parking Zone requires prior analysis by the head of the commune, mayor or president of the city. This – as we read in response to the interpellation – was carried out by the Municipal Roads Authority, which conducted an analysis of the rotation in the center on days off. Then, the concept of establishing the ŚSPPN belongs to the commune or city council. According to Olszewski, in accordance with the applicable regulations, there is no obligation to consult the draft resolution with the residents. “Both limits and fee rates are to result directly from the rotation analysis” – we read.

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ZDM analyzed the possibilities

ZDM analyzed the possibility of extending paid parking to Saturdays and Sundays (excluding holidays). The rates currently applicable for parking would not change, and parking fees would apply from 8.00 to 20.00.

“The estimated average monthly revenue as a result of the introduction of ŚSPPN seven days a week could amount to about PLN 5.8 million, including an additional PLN 1.7 million due to extending the operation of the zone by two days a week (i.e. on Saturdays and Sundays) It is estimated that the projected additional revenue from the operation of ŚSPPN on weekends for the whole year would amount to about PLN 20 million “- we read in response to the councilwoman’s interpellation.

The Municipal Roads Authority submitted the calculations at the end of January. – There is no decision yet. We have done our job – said Jakub Dybalski, spokesman for the Municipal Roads Authority.

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There is no project, there are assumptions

As we read in response to the interpellation, based on the analysis carried out by the Municipal Roads Authority, “the assumptions for the introduction of ŚSPPN have been prepared”.

Vice-chairman of the infrastructure committee of the Warsaw Council, Maciej Binkowski, admitted in an interview with PAP that no project regarding the introduction of the ŚSPPN has been received yet.

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Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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