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Warsaw. Paid parking zone. Subscription only for taxpayers in the capital. The councilors will change the regulations

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At the next session, the councilors will change the rules for issuing a subscription for a resident in the paid parking zone. The draft resolution assumes that no registration in the capital will be required to obtain it, but the condition will be the settlement of PIT tax here. The requirements for people applying for the “N +” card for people with disabilities may also change. The new regulations may enter into force at the beginning of February 2022. According to the town hall, they are to increase revenues to the city budget.

The next session of the Warsaw Council will be held on Thursday, December 9. Councilors will consider the draft resolution on the paid unguarded parking zone (SPPN), containing changes in the method of issuing a resident’s subscription. They will apply to both regular district subscriptions (allowing you to park the car in the area of ​​up to eight parking meters closest to your place of residence) and to new area subscription (entitling to parking in a larger area, defined by road workers).

If new regulations are enacted, the subscriptions will be available only to people who have settled the PIT tax in Warsaw for the previous year. The justification of the draft amendments to the resolution states: “in the transitional period, until April 30, 2022, the document confirming the PIT settlement in Warsaw will also be the ZAP-3 form, submitted in 2021 or 2022, in which Warsaw is indicated as the place of residence and the place of submission of the tax return tax “.

Currently, in order to obtain a subscription, you must be registered for permanent or temporary residence in the area where a paid parking zone has been designated. After the adoption of the new regulations, it will not be a requirement, so people who are registered outside the SPPN or outside Warsaw, but who settle their PIT tax here, will be able to apply for a subscription.


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Compare the two subscriptionsZDM

New rules for issuing “N +” cards

Another proposal is to extend the maximum period of validity of the “N +” card to five years, so that it corresponds to the validity of the parking card for a disabled person. It was also proposed to abandon the requirement to have a driving license for a disabled person, which is a response to the social demand. “Such people often own a car, but due to their disability they cannot drive the vehicle on their own. Issuing such a person with an” N + “card will enable them to use their car with assistants of a disabled person” – explained. Similarly to the subscriptions of the resident – the “N +” card will be available only to people who had settled the PIT tax in Warsaw for the previous year.

Disabled people who do not pay tax in Warsaw can use a free parking space in designated places – the so-called envelopes, presenting a parking card for a disabled person behind the windshield.

Another approach to changes in resident subscriptions

The above-mentioned proposals were already included in the resolution of the Warsaw Council of October 2020. In November, the Masovian Voivode annulled the provisions on the issuance of “N +” subscriptions and cards, however for reasons other than making their issuance dependent on the settlement of personal income tax in Warsaw.

“Such a solution functions, for example, in Kraków, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin (resident subscription), or, for example, in Poznań, Szczecin (disabled person ID)” – it was written in the justification. The correctness of making the subscription fee dependent on tax settlement in a given city was confirmed by the Provincial Administrative Court in Kraków in a judgment of January 8, 2019.

As estimated by the city hall, the introduction of the proposed solutions will result in additional budget revenues, which will depend on the number of submitted applications for a given type of subscription fee.

From November 15, 2021, the unguarded paid parking zone was expanded to include Żoliborz and Ochota. The City Hall predicts that the total number of subscriptions issued by a resident during the year (both regional up to eight parking meters, and area subscriptions, which will be available to persons settling PIT tax in Warsaw for the previous year) will increase from about 39,800 to almost 58,000, which will translate into revenues to the city budget in the amount of approximately PLN 10 million per year.

If the councilors adopt the resolution, it will come into force on February 1, 2022

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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