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Warsaw. Papal March. Route, difficulties

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On Sunday, the National Papal March marched through the streets of Warsaw. Marches on the anniversary of the death of John Paul II are also held in other Polish cities.

March in the capital 18th anniversary of the death of John Paul II started at 11 o’clock at the Dmowskiego roundabout. The rosary was said for the intention of the pope, historical homilies were heard, prayers were prayed. Then the march went along Marszałkowska, Królewska and Krakowskie Przedmieście Streets to Zamkowy Square.

Participants brought with them white and red and papal – white and yellow flags, as well as portraits and pictures with the pope and rosaries. Many people held Easter palms in their hands. Pins with the pope and the slogan: “You woke us up! We will protect you” were distributed.

At the front of the march there was a historic vehicle – the papamobile, in which the pope traveled during his pilgrimages to his homeland. There were also uhlans, the rifle brotherhood, the Order of the Knights of St. John Paul the Great and representatives of other secular orders. The relics of John Paul II were carried.

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The participants of the march sang religious songs, including “Barka” or “Abba Father”. In Krakowskie Przedmieście, in front of the monument to the primate, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, representatives of the shooting fraternity paid tribute to him.

Among the participants in the march were deputy prime minister, head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak, president of the Constitutional Tribunal Julia Przyłębska, judge of the Constitutional Tribunal Stanisław Piotrowicz, deputy minister of health Waldemar Kraska, deputy head of the PiS parliamentary club Marek Suski, deputy minister of culture and national heritage Jarosław Sellin.

Mass in the basilica and on big screens

Around 12.30 the participants of the march reached Zamkowy Square. On the stage set up in front of the Royal Castle, young people promised that they would continue the work of John Paul II. Jazz singer Marek Bałata sang Te Deum.

Some of the participants went to the Archcathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist for the Holy Mass celebrated by Archbishop Joseph Michalik. For those who stayed on Zamkowy Square, a large screen was placed in front of the Royal Castle and another at the Church of St. Anna in Krakowskie Przedmieście. The holy mass from the cathedral basilica was broadcast on big screens.

The Center for Life and Family was responsible for organizing the National Papal March.

The Dmowskiego roundabout was closed from 9 am. Along with the march, the following streets along the route were gradually closed to traffic. Buses and trams were directed to detour routes.

Marches in Silesia

Papal marches are also planned in other Polish cities. In Racibórz, the march covered a one-and-a-half-kilometer route from the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the statue of St. John Paul II.

Participants of the march carried Easter palms beforehand, as well as flags in national, church and papal colors distributed by the scouts. The Solidarity flag of the Silesian-Dąbrowa region was visible. Fragments of John Paul II’s speeches were played through the pilgrimage sound system. For the purpose, among others the Angelus prayer was recited.

At the head of the march, holding a banner with several other people, “In defense of Saint John Paul II. Do not be afraid”, Deputy Minister of Justice Michał Woś (Solidary Poland).

In the Silesian Voivodeship, another papal march was announced for Sunday: an afternoon march through the streets of Częstochowa organized by the Catholic Action of the Archdiocese of Częstochowa to the evening celebrations at Jasna Góra.

Wroclaw, Krakow and Białystok

The march also took place in Wrocław. At 1 p.m., the participants of the march set off in front of the Basilica of St. Elizabeth towards the Cathedral of St. st. John the Baptist. The crowd walked through the Market Square, along Wita Stwosza Street and further to the Cathedral Square. Participants had white and red flags, banners and photos of John Paul II with them.

On Sunday afternoon, the Papal White March set off from Krakow’s Błonia on the 18th anniversary of the death of John Paul II. The participants went to the Main Market Square, where a thanksgiving service for the pontificate of Karol Wojtyła was held in St. Mary’s Basilica. Participants of the event carried the papal and Polish flags. The march was preceded by the singing of “Barka”. Fragments of the Pope’s homily addressed to Poles in the communist era were played. The rosary was also recited. The police reported that more than 10,000 people took part in the Krakow march. The procession followed the same route as the white march after the assassination attempt on John Paul II in 1981: from Błonia, Aleja 3 Maja, Aleja Mickiewicza, along Karmelicka and Szewska Streets to the Main Market Square.

A second parade was also held in Krakow, which was organized by MEP Patryk Jaki. The route of this march led in front of the Basilica of St. Floriana, where Karol Wojtyła was the vicar, then Floriańska, through the Main Square to Franciszkańska 3. According to police estimates, about 2.5 thousand people participated in this event. people.

Celebrations commemorating the 18th anniversary of John Paul II’s death were also held in Białystok. Their main part was a march through the city center, from the Białystok Cathedral to the Church of St. Roch. According to the police, about four thousand people took part in it.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

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