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Warsaw. Parade in the capital, closed Wisłostrada. Until when?

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Drivers will not be able to use Wisłostrada for almost a day. The route will close at 8 p.m. on Monday. The reason is the parade scheduled for Tuesday. Road workers inform that the opening of Wisłostrada will take place on Tuesday at 18.00.

Wisłostrada will be closed from the Skłodowska-Curie bridge to Gagarina Street. It concerns both carriageways of Wybrzeże Gdyńskie, Wybrzeże Gdańskie, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie, Wioślarska and Solec streets, from the Skłodowska-Curie bridge to the Łazienkowski bridge.

Also, drivers traveling on the national “seven” (Gdańsk – Warsaw) can expect difficulties at the entrance to Warsaw and in the capital itself.

– In addition, you will not be able to use slip roads from S8 to Wisłostrada. Drivers will have the option of an alternative route through the S8 Modlińska junction from DK61 to Jabłonna and DW630 to Nowy Dwór to DK7, informed Małgorzata Tarnowska, spokeswoman for the Warsaw branch of GDDKiA.

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Parade in Warsaw: “Soldiers of all types of the Polish Armed Forces will present the most modern military equipment.”

No connection with Wisłostrada

There will be no connections with Wisłostrada: AK Route and Grota-Roweckiego Bridge, “Solidarity” Avenue and Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge, Poniatowski Bridge, and from Czerniakowska Street you will only be able to go to Trasa Łazienkowska towards the center or to Łazienkowski Bridge.

Apart from Wisłostrada, the following will be closed: Gwiaździsta from Podleśna Street to Wisłostrada; Krasińskiego from ul. Czarnieckiego to Wisłostrada (from ul. Gwiaździsta you will only be able to go towards Plac Wilsona); Krajewskiego from Dymińska Street to Wisłostrada; Zakroczymska and Jeziorański from Szymanowska to the Katyn Museum; Wenedów from Zakroczymska Street to Wisłostrada; Sanguszki from Zakroczymska Street to Wisłostrada; Wodna and Steinkeller; Grodzka and Nowy Zjazd from Aleja “Solidarności” to Wisłostrada (the car park under the bridge between Grodzka and Nowy Zjazd will also be closed; Bednarska from Dobra to Wisłostrada; Karowa from Browarna to Wisłostrada; Lipowa from Browarna to Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie; Dobra from Karowa Street to Lipowa Street; Wiślana and Gęsta from Browarna Street to Dobra; Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie and Jaracza between the Wisłostrada tunnel and Dobra Street; Zajęcza from the Świętokrzyski Bridge to Dobra Street; Tamka from Dobra Street to the Świętokrzyski Bridge; Ludna from Solec Street to Wisłostrada Street, Wilanowska from Czerniakowska to Wisłostrada; Górnośląska from Czerniakowska to Wisłostrada; Łazienkowska; Rozbrat, Myśliwiecka and Szwoleżerów from Górnośląska to Wisłostrada (only access to the property will be possible) and on 29 November, Suligowskiego, Nowosielecka and Hołówka before Wisłostrada.

Additionally, Mostowa and Boleść Streets from Freta Street to Wisłostrada Street and Bugaj Street will be closed to traffic.

Detours will be conducted along Modlińska and Jagiellońska Streets, and further along Wybrzeże Helskie, Wybrzeże Szczecińskie and Wał Miedzeszyński. On the left bank of the Vistula, drivers coming from Łomianki will be directed to Marymoncka Street. Further, they can go along the following streets: Słowackiego, Mickiewicza, Andersa and Marszałkowska.

On Monday, from 8.20 pm to 10.20 pm, Pułkowa Street will be closed to individual vehicle traffic (does not apply to public transport) from Wóycickiego Street. The latter will be the closing detour.

Rehearsal before the parade in Warsaw TVN24

Trouble on Tuesday

Additionally, on Tuesday, August 15, two bridges will be closed to traffic: Gdański and Śląsko-Dąbrowski.

Difficulties also await pedestrians and cyclists. During the ceremony, the latter will not be able to use bicycle lanes along Wisłostrada – on the section from Krasińskiego Street to the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge.

Pedestrian crossings and bicycle crossings at the junction of Krasińskiego Street with Wisłostrada will also be closed. It will not be possible to ride a bicycle along Wisłostrada at the height of Wenedów, Ludna and Łazienkowska streets.

In addition, on August 15, between 8 am and 3 pm, the lower level of the Gdański Bridge will be closed to pedestrians and cyclists. Trams will not stop on the bridge during this time. On Tuesday, between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm, the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge will also be closed to non-motorists, and from 12.30 pm until the cannon salute, you will not be able to walk along the Vistula boulevards near the Old Town.

On Tuesday, August 15, at 10 am, a mass is planned in the field cathedral of the Polish Army at Krasiński Square. Two hours later, at Piłsudski Square, there will be a ceremonial changing of the guard of honor in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Also these celebrations will be associated with changes in traffic and parking.

As part of the celebration of the military holiday, the “Five with a Soldier” run around PGE Narodowy will also take place. Between 9-10 am there will be traffic difficulties on Sokola Street and the exit from Aleja Poniatowskiego to Wybrzeże Szczecińskie.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., there will also be a public gathering at the Praga Cathedral at 3 Floriańska Street, followed by a march along the following streets: Floriańska, Jagiellońska, through Hallera Square, Dąbrowszczaków, Inżynierska, Stalowa and Szwedzka Streets in front of the building at 2 Szwedzka Street.

The celebrations on Tuesday will also affect the running of public transport. During the closure of the Gdański and Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridges, i.e. on Tuesday, August 15, from 2-3 pm, four bus lines: 100, 160, 190, 409 and 500 will have to change their routes. If the traffic on the bridges is closed (such a decision may be taken by the relevant services), then the trams of the line: 1, 4, 6, 20, 23, 26, 28, 73, 78, 79, T will run in loops on both sides of the Vistula.

During the organization of the ceremony, i.e. from 20:00 on Monday to 18:00 the next day, the following lines will run on detour routes: 100, 106, 107, 108, 114, 118, 127, 141, 159, 162, 166, 167, 171, 185, 187, 517, N16, N33, N83.

During the ceremony at Piłsudski Square, i.e. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the following buses will travel along the detour routes: 100, 111, 116, 180, 503, 128, 175, 178, 518, 222.

Main photo source: PAP/Pawel Supernak

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