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Warsaw. Participatory budget. 11th edition. Deadlines. How to submit a project?

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The 11th edition of the citizen budget has started. From December 1 to January 25, projects can be submitted, both online and at the district office. A record amount of PLN 105 million, 782 thousand, 530 was allocated to the residents.

Every resident of Warsaw can submit an idea on how to improve their surroundings, district or favorite place. The projects selected in the vote are later implemented by the city. The neighborhood pavilion in Sadyba, registered in 2019, was the venue for the press conference inaugurating this year’s edition of the civic budget on Friday, December 1.

Neighborhood pavilion in SadybaUM Warsaw

The project included organizing an integration facility in a specially built park pavilion, where we are currently located. We wanted to create a place that would connect generations and integrate the district’s residents. We needed a space where everyone could meet friends and meet strangers, play social games, present their own achievements, organize an exhibition, reading, presentation, and take part in free classes.explains Katarzyna Molska, architect and author of the project on Armenian Square, quoted by the city hall in the announcement.

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Applications for the 11th edition can be sent via website of the Warsaw civic budget or in a traditional, paper form to the selected district office.

4.5 thousand completed projects

The first decade of the participatory budget is behind us. Thanks to the residents of Warsaw, we have implemented many interesting ideas. Each submitted project is a new story about the capital, about the needs of Warsaw’s inhabitants and about their creativity. Each vote cast during the voting round is a signal of readiness to improve the city, says Karolina Zdrodowska, coordinating director for entrepreneurship and social dialogue, quoted in the release.

Thanks to the ideas submitted by residents, the city has implemented nearly 4.5 thousand projects. In previous editions, mainly educational and sports proposals were selected, such as workshops, lectures and exercise classes. Architectural projects were also popular, i.e. activity areas for adults and children, modernization of sports fields and squares. In recent years, “green” initiatives have also prevailed, i.e. pouring concrete and planting plants.

For many years, the citizen budget has been a tool that indicates the current needs of Warsaw residents. It allows us to set common goals, unites and activates. As every year, we count on the creativity of the people of Warsaw. It’s worth talking to your neighbors about what’s missing in your neighborhood encourages Sławomir Potapowicz, vice-chairman of the Warsaw Council, quoted in the release.

Main photo source: City Hall of Warsaw

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