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Warsaw. Participatory Budget 2023. Project evaluation and voting date

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Until January 25, residents could submit ideas on how to allocate money from the civic budget of the capital. Varsovians sent 1,747 proposals – 196 city-wide projects and 1,551 ideas for districts – the capital city hall calculated.

Warsaw changes from year to year. But it doesn’t just happen. I am very happy that the inhabitants of the capital tell us how and where to implement their ideas. Together, we make Warsaw more comfortable, greener and even more attractive to spend free time – says Karolina Zdrodowska, coordinator for entrepreneurship and social dialogue at the City of Warsaw City Hall, quoted in the release. of Warsaw.

Most last-minute requests

Residents could submit projects from December 1, 2022 to January 25, 2023, i.e. for almost two months. The vast majority of projects, as much as 77 percent, were submitted three days before the deadline. And over 50 percent of all projects were received on the last day.

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The City Hall estimates that most often residents want to improve the quality of public space with their proposals. They are requesting: renovation of sidewalks, lighting of pedestrian crossings, bicycle racks. This category was indicated by project authors in 1088 projects. The second most popular category is education (695 responses). Projects in the following categories are also unflaggingly popular: urban greenery as well as public transport and roads.

Most projects concern the citywide level, i.e. covering at least two districts, or those that will be implemented by city offices. 196 of them were reported.

On the other hand, 1551 district projects were submitted. The most active turned out to be the residents of:

Bielan – 124 submitted projects Mokotów – 118 projects Targówek – 99 projects

Residents most often submitted projects via the Internet, via the website bo.um.warszawa.pl. 93% of the cases were reported this way. projects (1626 projects). The remaining projects – 121 – were submitted to the office on a paper form. The largest number of paper projects – as many as 30 – were received by the Wawer district office.

More than 800 residents took advantage of the opportunity to submit a project in this edition of the participatory budget. The most active person submitted as many as 23 projects this year, but the vast majority of residents submitted one each.

Project evaluation

A formal evaluation of the submitted proposals is currently underway. First, officials will check whether the project has been assigned to the appropriate level – district or citywide. As a result, the number of projects at each level may change.

Employees of the office will also check whether the project has been submitted correctly, e.g. whether the form contains all the necessary information, whether the correct list of support has been attached, etc.

Then, the projects will be subject to substantive evaluation, during which officials will assess, among others, Is the proposed proposal viable? Whether:

– is compliant with applicable law, – can be implemented in the indicated location, – can be implemented within a year, – is within the competence of the city, – is compliant with the adopted principles of accessibility for residents.

If the draft requires additions or changes, the office staff will contact the authors to ask for additional information or to agree on the scope of these changes.

The evaluation of submitted projects will end on May 4. Authors will still be able to appeal against a negative evaluation result.

Voting in June

Voting will run from June 15 to June 30. The residents will choose which of the projects will be implemented. In the current edition of the budget, Warsaw will allocate over PLN 100 million for the ideas of residents.

All projects are available on the participatory budget website. You can view and comment on them.

Projects implemented in 2020 as part of the participatory budget

Renovated area in front of the Post-Camaldolese Church Facebook / Grzegorz Pietruczuk – Mayor of the Bielany District
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