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Warsaw. Passenger-friendly personalities awards

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The first place in the third edition of the “Personality of Warsaw Public Transport Friendly to Passengers” competition went to Marcin Cieślak, who resuscitated on the passenger platform. The competition awarded public transport employees who helped passengers in health and even life-threatening situations.

The “Personality of WTP Friendly to Passengers” competition is a joint initiative of the Public Transport Authority and carriers cooperating with it. It is intended for full-time employees of transport companies who – as we read in the release – have a huge impact on the functioning of public transport in the capital.

“Candidates were nominated by employers who assessed their special achievements, work discipline, commitment, attitude towards passengers, co-workers and superiors. indicated.

He performed cardiac massage and defibrillation on a passenger

This year’s edition of the competition was won by Marcin Cieślak, on duty at the metro station in Warsaw.

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He has been working as a station on duty since December 2018. Despite a relatively short internship, he has the opinion of a competent, reliable and trustworthy person. On October 20, 2020, he received information from the traffic dispatcher about the passenger fainting on the platform. The passenger showed no signs of life – the heart stopped beating. Marcin Cieślak started immediate resuscitation – he performed heart massage and defibrillation using the AED device available at the station. The paramedics soon arrived and confirmed that only immediate, competent and courageous (due to the pandemic) intervention saved the passenger’s life.

The winner of the competition – Marcin Cieślak, station officerUM Warsaw

He witnessed the hit and directed the rescue operation

He took second place Rafał Grądzki, driver of the Warsaw Trams since 2006.

While driving a tram, he witnessed a pedestrian being hit by a driver. Keeping a cool head, Grądzki fully professionally organized and managed the rescue operation, involving other people at the same time. Until the ambulance arrived, he carried out more than 20 minutes of resuscitation, thanks to which it was possible to restore the victim’s heartbeat.

She helped the old, lost passenger

Kinga Wiśniewska, the manager of Arriva Bus Transport for two years, was third.

When she got into her vehicle, lost, an old lady who did not remember her address and was unable to provide any information about herself, Wiśniewska, on the basis of the residual data obtained from the passenger, started searching for her relatives. She successfully made contact with one of the family members. After the passenger was handed over to the police, she stayed in touch with her family by phone until she was sure that the old lady was safe.

She saved a man who wanted to commit suicide

For the first time in the competition, awards were also granted.

It was received by Dorota Nosarzewska, the manager of the SKM train for 15 years. She was the first woman to obtain a train driver’s license from SKM and Mazovia. Nosarzewska saved the life of a young man who wanted to commit suicide on the tracks. She reacted quickly and, despite the threat of an oncoming train, she started a dialogue with him. And the arguments and the power of persuasion made both of them safely return to the platform.

He stopped the tram when a boy burst onto the road

Tomasz Czarnota, driver of the Warsaw Trams, was also awarded. He has been a valued employee for 25 years. According to the city office, his professionalism, experience and skills turned out to be crucial in a situation when a boy riding a scooter suddenly entered the road – thanks to his immediate reaction, Tomasz Czarnota managed to stop the tram and prevent the boy from being hit.

– Warsaw Public Transport is primarily people. I am very glad that in the ranks of our carriers we have so many dedicated, committed and responsible drivers, drivers, on duty and train managers. Congratulations on your professionalism in everyday work. The inhabitants of the capital can count on you at all times. A friendly capital means friendly public transport – said the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, during the presentation of diplomas and statuettes to the competition winners.

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Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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