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Warsaw. People walking around Lake Czerniakowskie. Among them, a woman with a stroller [ZDJĘCIA]

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At Kontakt24, we received photos from an Internet user showing people walking on the frozen Czerniakowskie Lake in Warsaw. Among them you can see a woman walking with a child in a stroller or people on ice skates. The photo was taken on Sunday, with a positive temperature (+ 2 degrees Celsius).

“2 degrees on January 14, 2024 and extremely irresponsible parents – a mother with a stroller, children on a sled and amateur skaters” – this is how the author of the photos commented on the situation.

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In this matter, we contacted the State Fire Service in Warsaw. – We have not had any reports related to walkers on Lake Czerniakowskie – said Junior Brig. Artur Kamiński, member of the press team of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service of the capital city of Warsaw. Warsaw.

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“You should absolutely avoid entering frozen bodies of water”

“Staying on frozen water reservoirs involves a huge risk. The ice is not the same thickness everywhere, so moving on the reservoir surface may end in tragedy. Entering frozen water reservoirs should be absolutely avoided. The surface of a frozen lake is also a huge danger to children playing nearby. If left unattended by an adult, they may enter the ice, exposing themselves to danger,” reminds the Masovian police.

If you witness a dangerous incident on ice, react immediately. The person under whom the ice has collapsed has a few minutes to rescue him. Notify the emergency services immediately by calling the emergency number 112. If you are able to take rescue measures yourself, remember to exercise extreme caution. Call other witnesses to the incident for help. Prepare a branch, scarf or tow rope for the victim to hold on to. Don’t walk on the ice, it may start to crack. If you need to approach the scene of an accident, lie down on a sheet of ice and crawl to a safe distance. If possible, secure yourself with a rope before entering the ice. Do not shake hands directly with a drowning person, they may drag you under the ice. It is best to cover the injured person with a blanket, your own clothing or a thermal emergency blanket, which should be in every car first aid kit. Wait for the emergency services to arrive.

Frozen reservoirs stimulate the imagination not only of children, but also of adults. Meanwhile, entering the surface of a frozen lake or pond may turn out to be a deadly trap. Exercise videoMława police

During the winter holidays, frozen water reservoirs will be supervised by police patrols. The police appeal, first of all, to supervise children in such places.

“The use of frozen water reservoirs is not prohibited by law. However, remember that practicing winter sports in such a place or entering a frozen lake or river alone may end in tragedy. We appeal to the use of artificial ice rinks,” reminds the Masovian police.

Main photo source: Contact24

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