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Warsaw. Piaseczno. Pruszków. Otwock. Brands. Veturilo in the capital, integrated with systems in four towns near Warsaw. Where can you rent and leave a bike?

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The capital’s Veturilo has been reintegrated with similar systems in four towns near Warsaw. They provide 35 stations and 278 bicycles. Two-wheelers rented in Warsaw can be returned in Otwock, Marki, Piaseczno and Pruszków.

From Monday, October 30, Warsaw Public Bike became compatible with systems in four neighboring cities. Users will be able to use the systems in Marki (KołoMarki), Otwock (Otwocki Rower Miejski), Piaseczno (Piaseczyński Rower Miejski) and Pruszków (Pruszkowski Rower Miejski).

Veturilo from five citiesUM Warsaw

“Bicycles power Warsaw”

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Currently, the capital’s Veturilo “fleet” consists of 3,266 bicycles (including 300 electric) and 325 stations. Since the beginning of the season, 25 stations and 266 bikes have been added. According to the town hall in a press release, this was achieved thanks to the support of some district offices and private partners of the project.

– Warsaw drives bikes, and bikes drive Warsaw. We have modernized Veturilo and provide residents with the largest and most modern public bicycle system in Poland. AND This year’s bicycle traffic measurements turned out to be record-breaking – says Michał Olszewski, vice-president of Warsaw, quoted in the release. – Warsaw wants to be the capital of convenience, and a city bike greatly increases the convenience of moving around the city – he adds.

– In previous years, we recorded thousands of intercity bicycle trips. Thanks to the new, more convenient formula, there will be even more of them. Our goal is to create a coherent and effective bicycle transport network that will enrich the transport offer not only of the capital, but also of the entire region – adds Tomasz Wojtkiewicz, CEO of Nextbike.

Veturilo compatible with city bikes near Warsaw UM Warsaw

278 bikes for rent outside Warsaw

Four sister urban systems near Warsaw provide an additional 35 stations and 278 bicycles. As the city hall explains in a statement, thanks to compatibility, the number of city bikes available for rent to people in Warsaw and surrounding towns exceeded 3.5 thousand.

“In practice, this means that you can return a vehicle of any of the compatible systems at Veturilo stations, and we can return Warsaw bicycles without any problems in any of these towns,” the city hall adds. All two-wheelers are clearly marked with the brand of “their” city. When renting, the tariff applicable to the system from which the specific bike comes applies.

Details are specified in Veturilo’s regulations. The compatibility agreement between Warsaw and its neighbors will also be valid in the coming years.

Veturilo from five citiesUM Warsaw

By bike until the end of November

The Veturilo season traditionally lasts until the end of November. However, the town hall emphasizes that this year’s event is special. “This is the first year with the system in a new, modern version. Varsovians have new, lighter bicycles at their disposal, a mobile application built from scratch, and an easier process of renting and returning bicycles,” he says.

The city and the system operator know exactly how many and how users used two-wheelers. “It can already be said that Veturilo is most often used by students commuting to universities from nearby metro stations,” informs the city hall. There will be time for a detailed summary of the season at the turn of November and December.

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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