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Warsaw. Pis councilors against the Tempo 30 zone in Ursynów. Why? The mayor’s response

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PiS and non-associated district councilors proposed excluding Ursynów from the Tempo 30 project. According to them, running the zone will “paralyze traffic” in the district, but they did not show any analyzes or research to support their words. – 30 kilometers per hour is the universally recognized speed limit at which 90 percent of road accidents do not have serious health consequences. That is why we will strive to introduce it – the mayor of the district replies.

We saw how the traffic on the capital’s streets is going to change in the fall, on an interactive mappresented by officials. It shows the areas that are to be included in the Tempo 30 zone in the future (it consists in slowing down traffic to this speed). It has been calculated that traffic calming will apply on about 65 percent of roads in the city.

They want a repeat consultation

Now Ursynów PiS and non-associated councilors decided that public consultations on this matter were “scandalous”. In front of the Ursynów town hall, they argued that the idea of ​​the Tempo 30 zone should be abandoned.

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– Ursynów councilors from Law and Justice and non-associated persons submitted to the district council an application for an extraordinary session regarding the introduction of the Tempo 30 zone and social consultations on this matter – said councilor Mateusz Rojewski.

– We want the Ursynów District Council to ask the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, for only the district from the Tempo 30 zone. If a speed limit of 30 km/h is introduced on two-thirds of the streets of Warsaw, including Ursynów, it will paralyze traffic in the district – he added .

According to him, the residents did not know about this project. – We believe that the social consultations were scandalous, they should be publicized and repeated, and the district councils should be consulted. If Tempo 30 out of 1,030 people were consulted for two million inhabitants, it is really not enough, assessed the councillor.

“We haven’t had any negative comments from residents”

– They act blindly, I notice increased activity before the elections – assesses the conference of councilors Robert Kempa, the mayor of Ursynów. – In our district, we have already introduced the Tempo 30 zone in four areas, in two places in Zielony Ursynów and in two in Kabaty. We haven’t had any negative feedback from residents so far. I suppose that the PiS councilors certainly do not know about it, because that’s how they are interested in our district – believes the mayor.

In Ursynów, it is not planned to introduce a zone on any of the main arteries: neither in the Służewiecka Valley, nor in the National Education Commission Avenue, nor in Puławska Street.

– Many years of research conducted around the world confirm that a speed limit of 30 kilometers significantly increases safety. This is a widely recognized speed limit at which 90% of road accidents do not have serious health consequences. That is why we will strive to introduce it in housing estates, streets and streets, in the immediate vicinity of places of residence. Thanks to the use of technical and organizational solutions, we want to ultimately create a network of complete streets – safe, friendly to residents, with an optimal number of parking spaces – tells us the mayor of the district.

Many years of discussion about Tempo 30

The discussion about the Tempo 30 zones in Warsaw has been going on for almost a decade. Already in 2013, the Public Transport Authority ordered the development of a detailed concept of the zone for Muranów. Then the idea was torpedoed by the then mayor of Śródmieście, Wojciech Bartelski (currently the president of Tramwaje Warszawskie). – I will never agree to a limit of 30 kilometers per hour in this area – declared Bartelski directly.

But the idea was also negatively addressed by some residents of Muranów, who considered the proposed speed limit to be too strict. During public consultations, some speed bumps, as well as some intersections with the right-hand rule introduced, were eliminated or replaced with other solutions. Changes were also hampered by the administration of the then mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. Although in one of the election surveys she assured that she was in favor of introducing the zone, just after her re-election in 2014 she stated in one of the interviews that Tempo 30 would not be in the center “because she changed her mind”.

In 2016, the topic returned, this time in Śródmieście Południowe. There, elements of calmed traffic were introduced. The zone in which you cannot exceed 30 kilometers per hour covers the quarter between: Piękna Street, Aleje Ujazdowskie, Trasa Łazienkowska and Marszałkowska.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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