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Warsaw. PiS councilors are alarming that one of the waste collection companies is not authorized to do so. City Hall responds

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Warsaw councilors of Law and Justice informed on Thursday that one of the companies that collects garbage in the capital does not have a permit to collect unsorted waste. According to them, the company has been without it for six years, and yet it provides services to the city in five districts. What about the city hall? – All entities collecting municipal waste in Warsaw have an entry required by law in the register of regulated activities in the field of municipal waste collection from residents – assures Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

Councilor Michał Szpądrowski (PiS) said that such information was obtained by the Warsaw Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, which investigated the case. He provided journalists with information from VIEP on this matter. It shows that PPHU Lekaro has not had an integrated permit for waste processing since April 11, 2017. The material in this case was delivered to the city hall on Friday.

Szpądrowski assessed that this information was hidden from residents and councilors because they did not receive any information from the mayor of the city, Rafał Trzaskowski, about the detection of irregularities, although the city itself checked and had suspicions that these contracts may be incorrect.

Chairman of the PiS Councilors Club of the Capital City of Warsaw’s Dariusz Figura announced that the club will be waiting for a response from the mayor at the next session of the city council. He noted that he did not rule out submitting a notification to the prosecutor’s office about the possibility of committing a crime in this case.

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“PiS councilors deliberately mislead residents”

We have asked the City Hall for a comment on this matter. As stated by the vice-president of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski, he received the information provided by PiS councilors with astonishment. He also reported that the town hall has legal explanations of the Ministry of Climate and Environment of the PiS government signed by Minister Jacek Dekora, which he directly quoted: “adopting the interpretation that the entity collecting municipal waste is obliged to obtain a permit to collect (…) municipal waste, regardless of whether whether he actually intends to collect this waste, would be in conflict with the provisions on obtaining permits for collecting waste.

– Therefore, either the PiS councilors deliberately mislead the residents and the public, or they do not know what they are talking about. I would like to reassure all residents concerned about the false alarm caused by PiS – all entities collecting municipal waste in Warsaw have an entry required by law in the register of regulated activities in the field of municipal waste collection from residents – emphasized Olszewski.

– We make sure that the waste is continuously collected from Varsovians. Doubts regarding the functioning of waste collection entities are clarified on an ongoing basis with the competent authorities, including the Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, assured the vice-president.

Deputy Mayor of Warsaw: chaos in the supervision of the services

He also stated that “WIOŚ probably systematically carried out inspections at the entrepreneur”. Olszewski wonders “how is it possible that he has not found irregularities for six years, and if he found out, why did he not stop the entity’s operations”.

– These circumstances indicate chaos in the supervision of environmental protection services and the lack of control by the government and the minister over the activities of plants responsible for waste management. In a report published this year, the Supreme Audit Office indicated that during the rule of PiS, it was the lack of supervision by the Minister of Climate and Environment over the area of ​​municipal waste management that led to a number of irregularities, which translated into high costs of waste management on a national scale – emphasized Olszewski. And he stated: – The costs of functioning of the “gray economy” and chaos in waste management are now burdening the wallets of the inhabitants of all Poland. According to NIK experts, this faulty system cost taxpayers PLN 750 million in 2018 alone.

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