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Warsaw. Plane accident, emergency landing of a Cessna. Preliminary report of PKBWL

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The National Aircraft Accidents Investigation Commission has published a preliminary report on the Cessna accident. At the beginning of March, the small machine made an emergency landing in a marshy area in Warsaw's Wawer district. The pilot and passenger were slightly injured in the accident.

The Commission provided the circumstances of the event. As we read in the report, the day before the accident – on February 29 – the pilot, an Italian citizen with a private pilot's license, booked a Cessna F150 F plane at the Evair Aviation Training Center in Babiche. There was a sightseeing flight on March 1, with a passenger.

“The flight was scheduled for 4:00 p.m., on the Warsaw Babice-Góra Kalwaria-Warszawa Babice route. On March 1, 2024, after arriving at the airport, the pilot received the necessary information from a company employee about the flight route and the technical condition of the aircraft. Then the pilot performed a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft and refueled it with fuel provided by the company (40 liters of 98 unleaded gasoline),” it was reported.

Problems starting the engine

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Fifteen minutes later, the pilot “made three unsuccessful attempts to start the engine.” It was only on the fourth attempt that a company employee (instructor) succeeded. “When the plane took off, the pilot did not detect any irregularities and continued the flight,” the report stated.

The document shows that the pilot turned on the carburetor heating four times during the flight “for 1-2 minutes.” Each time the engine revolutions dropped, but within acceptable limits. After the last time the heater was turned on, the engine speed dropped to 2200-2300 rpm. The pilot increased the rpm to 2,500, but it began to drop again.

He estimated that the reason for the drop in revolutions was not “carburetor icing”, so he “did not turn on the carburetor heating” until the end of the flight.

Cessna 150 plane that crashed in WawerArtur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

Loss of revolutions and emergency landing

At Józefów, the pilot turned back towards Babice airport. After a while, he assessed that he would not make it there. “The revolutions continued to drop and the pilot decided to make an emergency landing, as reported by FIS Warsaw,” the report said.

The pilot chose an undeveloped area in the Wawer district as the landing site. “Only after touchdown did the pilot realize that he had landed in a very wet and reed-covered area. Both of them (and the passenger – editor) got out of the plane on their own. The pilot and the passenger were transported to the hospital by helicopter, where the passenger suffered minor injuries that did not require hospitalization,” we read further.

“Both people were breathalyzer tested for alcohol with negative results,” it was summarized.

The plane got stuck in marshy ground

We reported about the incident at the beginning of March. A small plane fell near Kadetów Street. A Cessna 150 F was flying from Góra Kalwaria to Babice, the crew informed air traffic controllers that something was wrong with the machine. The plane made an emergency landing in a wet area.

A day after the incident, our reporter learned that the plane was planned to be rescued helicopter. In recent days he determined that it was a light plane it's still lying there in the marshy area of ​​the Wawer Bend.

The prosecutor's office is considering using a helicopter to remove the plane. But, according to our information, the police and fire brigade do not want to take on this task, and the cost of renting a helicopter from a private company is too high for the prosecutor's office.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

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