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Warsaw, Połczyńska. One driver lets a pedestrian pass, three others pass [wideo]

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The dangerous situation occurred on Tuesday at Połczyńska Street. The driver, driving in the right-hand lane, stopped in front of the “zebra” to let a pedestrian pass. When he was on the road, two speeding cars passed in the left lane. We received the information and the recording on Contact 24.

Mr. Piotr came to the editorial office of Kontakt 24, who witnessed a dangerous situation on the road. On the video, you can see a man approaching the crossing to Połczyńska. The car on the right lane (this was followed by our reader) stops correctly, while the left one is passed by three cars, including two when the pedestrian is clearly on the “zebra”.

– According to the regulations, the offense was committed by three drivers. The pedestrian was on the phone. You can’t hear it on the recording, but I started honking for the pedestrian to react somehow, to be careful. Then he waved his hand as a sign that he could see. It was dangerous, he could have died – he reported.

The man noted that such situations on the road are common. – Especially in Warsaw it can be found notoriously on the roads. People rush to work and work. Such situations are common – he said.

Mr. Piotr mentioned a few situations that he often meets on the roads. – Most often it is avoiding cars stopping in front of a pedestrian crossing, passing a red light, and the third is turning around in a left-turn. But the most dangerous situations are those shown in this recording from Połczyńska – he said. The man said he did not report the situation to the police but intends to do so as a warning.

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Main photo source: floor / Kontakt24

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