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Warsaw. Police admitted a mistake with Tchorek’s plates

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After the police discontinued the investigation into the damaged Tchorek plaques, a complaint was filed by the Capital Conservator of Monuments. MP Michał Szczerba also intervened. In response, the Deputy Police Commander in Chief admitted that the Mokotów officers had prematurely discontinued the proceedings. “The activities are in progress,” he said.

Michał Szczerba, a member of the Civic Coalition, received a reply to a letter sent to the Police Commander in Chief regarding the discontinuation of the investigation by the Mokotów command on damage to the historic Tchorek plaques. The acts of vandalism took place in October last year. The losses were estimated at over PLN 25,000. These are the boards at the following addresses: Sandomierska 23, Skolimowska 5, Belgijska 11, Rakowiecka 61. At the beginning of January, the capital conservator of monuments, Michał Krasucki announced that the police discontinued the investigation, “due to the failure to identify the perpetrator of the crime.” Although the conservator reported that the plaques were damaged, members of the “Gazeta Polska” club.

In a letter of January 12, MP Szczerba asked Jarosław Szymczyk, the Police Commander in Chief, “to urgently provide explanations in this case, information about the possible resumption of the discontinued investigation after disclosing the circumstances indicating that the discontinuation of the proceedings was unjustified (…) and taking actions aimed at drawing official consequences against the officers conducting the proceedings in this case “.

A memorial plaque at 4 Barska StreetTomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

“The redemption was premature”

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On Thursday, Michał Szczerba gave the tvnwarszawa.pl portal the answer to his intervention. Paweł Dobrodziej, Deputy Chief of Police, replied. The officer admitted that the dismissal of the investigation was a mistake. Dobrodziej stated that “an analysis of the materials of the preparatory proceedings concerning acts of vandalism committed in memorial sites located in the Warsaw Mokotów district was carried out. As a result of the activities carried out, it was found that the discontinuation of the investigation and its entry in the register of crimes was premature, and thus contradictory. 325f of the Code of Criminal Procedure, indicating the premises for issuing the above decision, there are no sufficient grounds to detect the perpetrator through procedural actions. about the Police. These activities are still pending. ” – wrote Dobrodziej.

Tchorek’s tablets are destroyed

The inscription “Germany” instead of “Nazis” appeared on the memorial plaques of the victims of the occupation in early October. Earlier, Krasucki informed that the sandstone boards “had been disfigured with cheap cutouts of foam glued to permanent glue.” Among the addresses where the damage occurred, he mentioned: Nowy Świat 59, Krakowskie Przedmieście 62, Wolska 58, Grójecka 24, or Barska 4. As he assessed at the time, there were well over a hundred damaged plates. This is the vast majority of the remaining 165. The adhesive from the badges left a permanent mark on the sandstone.

Krasucki also informed that the case was reported to the police, indicating not only damage to property, but also insulting memorial sites. “Who is such a vandal? Under the pretext of fighting the” historical lie “badges were hung by members of the Warsaw Club of” Gazeta Polska “. And he added: “The most saddening me in all this is the fact that the historical debate in its edition took such a coarse form and instead of joining in the discussion, it only divides even more. Bravo! , the victim of which fell the historic plaques designed by Karol Tchorek in 1948 “.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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