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Warsaw. Police arrested two men suspected of murder 21 years ago

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Police officers from the X-Files in Warsaw arrested two men suspected of murdering the bodyguard of one of the bosses of the Wołomin gang. The crime took place on Ząbkowska Street in 2002.

It is about the events of September 20, 2002 in one of the restaurants at ul. Ząbkowska in Warsaw’s Praga Północ. There at approx. 21 masked perpetrators carried out a planned execution of one of the persons belonging to a rival criminal group. Shots were fired from automatic weapons, after which the perpetrators fled. “Hiszpan”, a former bodyguard of “Wariat”, one of the bosses of the Wołomin gang, died on the spot. “It was the retaliation of the so-called Grochowska group for shooting one of its members a few weeks earlier near the gym in Tarchomin. A close friend of the detainees died then,” KSP reported.

“More than two decades after the incident, he did not hide his surprise”

21 years have passed since these events. At the time, one of the suspects was hiding abroad. “An international arrest warrant was issued for him, which was carried out in Ukraine. In order to bring him before the Polish justice system, the consent of the Prosecutor General’s Office of another country was required. In July this year, such consent was received,” KSP explained.

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The suspect was brought to the prosecutor’s office, where he was charged with, inter alia, homicide and activities in an organized criminal group of an armed character. The prosecutor submitted a request for detention to the District Court for Warsaw Praga Północ, which the court granted.

The other suspect was tracked down and detained in Warsaw at his workplace. “More than two decades after the incident, he did not hide his surprise,” KSP informed.

They are detained in custody. They are facing life imprisonment. Investigators do not rule out further arrests.

The police arrested the suspects of the crime from years agoKSP

The work of the X-Files policemen

“Three years ago, the policemen of the capital’s X-Files, i.e. the Team for undetected homicides, together with the Warsaw-Praga Północ District Prosecutor’s Office, re-analyzed all the materials. They carried out re-laboratory tests of the evidence originally secured. The policemen used modern technologies to repeat the analysis monitoring using the latest computer software. Thanks to this, they selected new witnesses to the event, which strengthened the evidence. After 2 years of thorough work, this allowed the police officers to identify the perpetrators, and the prosecutor to issue a decision to present charges to them, “KSP reported.

Main photo source: KSP

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