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Warsaw. Police: threw the dog from the fifth floor, locked the cat in the oven

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A 42-year-old from Targówek was charged with killing a dog, abusing a cat with particular cruelty and violating bodily integrity. The man was arrested and faces prison time.

According to police officer Paulina Onyszko, police officers from Targówek received a report that there was a dead dog on the lawn in front of one of the blocks of flats. – The patrol that arrived at the scene established all the details and detained a 42-year-old man who, as it turned out, threw the dog out of the apartment on the fifth floor – said Police Officer Onyszko.

She added that the officers found an injured and scared cat in the man's apartment, which he locked in a hot oven. – The animal survived thanks to the reaction of the woman present there. The police put the cat in a carrier and took it to the front of the building, where they gave it water. The cat was taken to the shelter, Onyszko said.

The cat was saved at the last minuteKRP Warszawa VI

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Police: he had half a permille, he hit a woman

She said that a 42-year-old man in front of the building hit a woman passing by, who reported to the police station.

– The man was taken to hospital, and from there he was taken to the police station at Chodecka Street. The police checked his sobriety. The breathalyzer showed that he had half a per mille of alcohol in his exhaled air, Onyszko explained.

The case was notified to the Warsaw Praga-Północ District Prosecutor's Office. – The 42-year-old was taken for questioning. The prosecutor charged the man with killing a dog, abusing a cat with particular cruelty and violating bodily integrity. He also submitted a request to the court for his temporary arrest, Onyszko said.

The man faces a penalty of up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: KRP Warszawa VI

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