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Warsaw. Polonia Warsaw fans adopted a penguin

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Polonia Warsaw fans have adopted a penguin from the capital's zoo. His name is Kamyk. – The atmosphere in our stands is a bit too hot for him, so he probably won't be a frequent guest at Konwiktorska, but he will definitely keep his fingers crossed for the Black Shirts. Penguins don't have thumbs? In that case, wings – joke the initiators of the campaign.

As Marcin Bratkowski, a fan of the Black Shirts and former marketing director at the club, reminded us, taking care of the inhabitants of the Warsaw zoo is not a new thing for Polonia fans. The tradition was started by the “Emeriten Gang” supporters group, which sponsored Beata, a black jaguar, for 15 years.

When Beata said goodbye to the world in 2020, Polonia was at one of the worst moments in its history, teetering on the brink of another bankruptcy. Her death was a symbol of these gloomy times for the club. Today, competing at the first league level and aiming for promotion to the top league, we are all much more optimistic about the future. Hence the decision to take Kamyk under our wing, with whom we want to fly back to the top of Polish football – explain the initiators of the campaign, associated in the “PoloniXci” group.

Beata the jaguar is dead

Jaguaress Beata Jaguaress Beata Warsaw Zoo

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Penguin as a symbol

Why a penguin? The nature and symbolism of these animals were decisive.

– The penguin is a symbol of a community that cares for each other and solves problems together. We felt a bit like we were reading about the community of fans of the Black Shirts. In addition, penguins are faithful and loyal, just like we are to Polonia. Penguins can rely on each other. They protect each other during frosts and in times of danger. In the symbolism of the animal, we can also find systematicity, good manners and proper conduct – explains Aleksander, a fan quoted in the press release.

Penguin Kamyk is a new fan of Polonia Warsaw Polonia fans, PoloniXci

Where did the idea for the name come from?

The name Kamyk is an obvious reference to the Kamienna stand, the beloved stand of the Black Shirts' fantasists. – But that's not all! The penguins, wanting to propose to their beloved, look for the most beautiful pebble, giving it to her just like we give a ring. It turns out that, paradoxically, the penguin's story can be a story about love, faithfulness and loyalty despite the adversities of fate. notes fan Janek.

Main image source: Polonia fans, PoloniXci

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