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Warsaw. Polonia Warszawa stadium and hall. Negotiations with those willing to build. Schedule and costs

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In February, negotiations with companies interested in building the new Polonia Warszawa complex as part of a public-private partnership will start. The design documentation is to be ready by the end of the year and the city wants the contractor to be selected by then. The implementation of the investment will be divided into three stages. Within five years, at Konwiktorska, a basketball hall, a Sports Support Center and a football stadium are to be built.

Four companies applied for the tender for the construction of the new Polonia Warszawa complex in autumn last year. The investment will be implemented in the public-private partnership formula. This means that the city will provide the contractor with the land and the finished construction project free of charge. The private partner is to prepare the executive documentation, finance and carry out the construction works. He will also be responsible for the technical maintenance of the entire infrastructure. In return, he will receive a long-term lease agreement and will be able to earn money on facilities owned by the city.

Deputy Mayor Renata Kaznowska announced on Monday that the so-called competitive dialogue with entities interested in cooperation with the city will soon begin. – The Economic Development Office chooses a partner for us. We are facing three rounds: technical, financial and legal, of negotiating the terms of the future agreement. Four entities with whom these negotiations will be conducted have come forward, she said during a Monday meeting with journalists.

As she announced, the first round will start in February and will last until September. Officials hope that as a result, at the turn of 2023 and 2024, it will be possible to select a private partner and obtain a building permit.

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The contractor will derive profits from the Polonia complex

– We estimate that the whole project will cost PLN 500 million, but it is an investment with a high level of return. The partner will be able to earn money on it – noted Kaznowska. She also added that the initial assumptions include a 30-year period of operation of the facility by the operator, but it may be subject to negotiation. Let us recall that in mid-2021, the city declared that it would spend PLN 114 million on the construction of the stadium.. Some of these funds have already been spent on design work.

As part of the investment, a football stadium for 15,500 fans will be built. In addition, there will be two brand new buildings. A sports hall for basketball sections is to be built in one of them. The second is the Sports Support Centre. The vice-president explained that the stadium and the basketball hall will serve as public utility facilities, while the Sports Support Center will be a commercial facility, which means that the private partner will be able to profit from renting its space and the three-level underground car park located under the complex.

The design of the new Polonia complex is prepared by the JSK Architekci studio, selected in an architectural competition in 2019. The multi-sector concept for the investment is ready. – We are finalizing work on the construction design and the functional and utility program that will define technical standards, quality of workmanship and technical specifications. They will be important from the point of view of the private partner, because it will be his task to evaluate the entire project and implement it. All quality aspects are of key importance here – said Mariusz Rutz, President of the Management Board of JSK Architekci.

He added that the procedure related to obtaining the environmental decision and the approval of the local plan for the area where the new complex will be built is in progress. – We estimate that at the end of the year the local plan should be ready and then we apply for a building permit – announced Rutz.

Basketball players will play in the hall for two thousand spectators

The implementation of the investment was divided into three stages. The town hall assumes that it lasted a total of five years. As the vice-president emphasized, each stage of construction enables uninterrupted league games at the stadium and the use of the training pitch.

In the first stage, a large excavation will be made on the square in front of today’s Polonia stadium on the Bonifraterska side, as the works will begin with the construction of an underground car park with 775 spaces. As explained by Rutz, the car park will be connected to all buildings within the complex. It will be possible to enter it via a ramp from Konwiktorska Street. There is a possibility of getting directly from the car park to the locker room at the stadium, which will be appreciated by the teams coming to the matches against the Black Shirts.

The first stage of the investment also includes the construction of a basketball hall and the Sports Support Centre. At the same time, the fountain in the central part of the square will be reconstructed. At the end, there will also be new greenery – shrubs and trees in special pots placed partly below the ground line (more than in the original concept). Officials expect that during the implementation of this stage, the western stand, together with the hall and the swimming pool located under it, will operate without interruptions.

The sports hall can accommodate two thousand spectators. Originally, it was prepared for about 1,200 seats, but plans changed with the success of the men’s basketball team and its promotion to the first league (i.e. to the second level). Thanks to more seats in the stands, the facility will meet the license requirements of the Polish Basketball League to play in the men’s league, and these are the ambitions of the club’s authorities.

The architects were limited by the size of the shape of the future building. According to the conservation guidelines, they could not change its dimensions to enlarge the stands. Mariusz Rutz explained that in the first version of the project the pitch was located on the ground floor. A decision was made to lower it to level -1, thanks to which space for additional seats was gained.

Visualization of the interior of the Polonia Warszawa sports hallWarsaw City Hall

The hall will include two double changing rooms, judges’ changing rooms, social facilities, rooms for the media and four boxes. The building will have three floors. Places for disabled fans will be available from the ground floor.

Polonia’s new sports hall – cross-section JSK Architekci / City Hall of Warsaw

The Sports Support Center will perform recreational and sports functions. On four floors there will be offices, dining and commercial premises, as well as a physiotherapy and rehabilitation center. The building on a quadrangular plan will have an internal courtyard in the form of an atrium, where a climbing wall will appear.

Sports Support Center – cross-sectionJSK Architekci / City Hall of Warsaw

The main stand with boxes will be built in the last stage

In the second stage of works, three new stands will be built: northern, southern and eastern with a roof, sports facilities from the side of the training pitch and a section building from the Konwiktorska side. During this stage, the western stand is to operate without changes, and the facilities built in the first stage will also be ready for use. The contractor is also to provide temporary lighting for the turf.

Finally, the western (main) stand will be demolished and a new one will be built in its place. The historic Polonia building will be rebuilt. The historic pediment with the characteristic colonnade will survive in its current shape. For the duration of the third stage, the teams’ sports facilities will be moved to the rooms under the new eastern stand (today the so-called stone stand). Everything will return to its place when the construction of the new main stand and its facilities is completed. According to the same scenario, the Legia stadium at Łazienkowska Street was built, and it was designed by the same studio. The one at Konwiktorska is to be half the size – it will hold about 16,000 fans.

In the western stand, there will be 22 boxes and over 700 seats in the VIP zone, a Business Club with a catering zone, there will also be a zone for the media and a TV studio.

Main photo source: JSK Architekci / City Hall of Warsaw

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