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Warsaw. Poniatowski Bridge. Cyclists drive according to the rules, drivers pass by bus

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The happening of cyclists on the Poniatowski Bridge. Once again, they chose the morning traffic rush to draw the attention of officials to the difficulties of moving correctly on the road. The action did not cause major difficulties in traffic, although there were also drivers overtaking cyclists on the bus lane.

According to the regulations, cyclists on the Poniatowski bridge should use the road. Towards the center, on the section between the Wisłostrada and the de Gaulle roundabout, the right lane functions as a bus lane during rush hours. Then – according to the law – the cyclist is obliged to drive in the left lane, i.e. in the middle of the road. “The pressure of drivers following cyclists and buses overtaking their right lane are neither pleasant nor safe” – points out the organizer of the campaign, the author of the bike blog RoweroWAWA.

This episode is the most problematic for cyclists, which is why activists chose it for Tuesday’s action. Around 8 o’clock, a group of about 10 people left in front of one of the gates of the National Stadium. As Mateusz Szmelter from tvnwarszawa.pl reports, cyclists set off on the route at certain intervals, some rode alone, others in pairs or threes, all in accordance with the regulations.

– In the morning, the Poniatowski Bridge was jammed anyway, so the passage of cyclists did not cause any major difficulties. Most of the drivers followed them calmly. However, it happened that when the traffic accelerated a bit, some tried to overtake them by bus lane on the right side of the road – our reporter points out.


Cyclists are waiting for the reconstruction of the bridge

“After the reconstruction in the 1960s during the reign of Władysław Gomułka, the bridge ceased to be a pleasant place, and unnecessarily became a transit route through the center of Warsaw” – noted the organizer of the happenign. “For three years, officials of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Municipal Roads Authority have been promising to somehow improve the situation on the bridge. During this time, they managed to put up six speed cameras, which will be launched soon. This action is commendable, but insufficient” – says the author of the blog.

Due to the volume of traffic, many cyclists on the Poniatowski Bridge choose the sidewalk on which only caregivers with children up to 10 years old have the right to ride on two-wheelers. Driving along the sidewalk – although it seems safer than the road – is also not the most comfortable, because it narrows significantly in the area of ​​the towers.

Tuesday’s happening was not the first such action. We reported a similar run three years ago:

The cyclists are driving in accordance with the rules. Passing the bus lane, insults

Hoots and slurs (image intentionally blurred)Lech Marcinczak / tvnwarszawa.pl
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Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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