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Warsaw. Portable toilets have appeared in Nowy Świat

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Characteristic blue and white portable toilets have been installed in Nowy Świat. Passersby will not use them because they are locked with a padlock. Restaurateurs complain about them, because the unpleasant smell scares away customers. Meanwhile, the city does not know who and why put them there. The case was described by “Gazeta Stołeczna”.

As described by “Stołeczna”, two portable toilets have recently appeared in front of the tenement house at Nowy Świat 24.

– These toitoies showed up sometime earlier this week. I thought it was left over from the June 4 march, but it looks like someone put it up for longer. These toilets put customers off. When the wind blows, the smell is very inelegant – complains in an interview with “Stołeczna”, the owner of the nearby Piotruś bar. The smell also disturbs the customers of the grocery store and the popular sandwich bar.

The city doesn’t know who put the toilets

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The toilets cannot be used as they are padlocked. The newspaper tried to determine who put them there and why. The Municipal Roads Authority to which Nowy Świat is subordinated does not know.

– I haven’t heard of it. I can only say that ZDM is not responsible for placing such objects. Now we will have to contact our employees to find out by whom the toilets were set up and on the basis of what regulations – says Mikołaj Pieńkos from ZDM. Jakub Leduchowski, the deputy spokesman of the town hall, did not know who built the toilets.

“Gazeta Stołeczna” hypothesized that the toilets were placed here for the comfort of policemen patrolling the Nowy Świat area, who, after last year’s murder they are here all the time. But until the publication of the article, the Warsaw Police Headquarters did not confirm this.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

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