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Warsaw. POW: Noise Appeal. Inhabitants: the noise we experience is like the thunder from the airport

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Councilors and social activists of Poland 2050 from Wawer, Wilanów and Ursynów issued a joint appeal regarding the noise and safety of use of the Warsaw Southern Bypass. In their opinion, since the opening of the POW, residents have reported “huge deterioration in the quality of life”. – The noise that we experience together with our neighbors is like thunder from the airport – said the resident of Wawra.

During the Monday conference, councilors and city activists from Wawer, Wilanów and Ursynów signed a joint appeal to the city hall, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways and the Ministry of Climate and Environment regarding noise and safety of use of the Southern Bypass of Warsaw. As they reported, the approved and currently implemented noise protection project is definitely insufficient to ensure a minimum comfort of life, mainly for the residents of Wawer and Wilanów.

– GDDKiA implemented acoustic protection based on the 2nd environmental decision for this task from 2017. The resignation of many screens was possible due to the very unfavorable change in noise standards in 2012. The ordinance of the Minister of the Environment of October 1, 2012 made it possible in practice to liquidate two-thirds of the security in relation to the original project on the Wilanów section – said Katarzyna Radzikowska, Wilanów councilor from Poland 2050.

She was echoed by Marek Gładysz from Wilanów, who added that there is no shielding and no security at all on the section of Zawad or Kępa Zawadowska. “People report tremendous deterioration in quality of life,” he said. A similar opinion was presented by Elżbieta Góra from Wawer: – I have lived in my Falenice housing estate since I was born, currently about 800 meters from the beltway. The noise that we experience together with our neighbors is like thunder from the airport. The contractor knew that the acoustic security measures were insufficient, so in my opinion it is a great arrogance and negligence of the officials, for which we, the inhabitants, are facing the consequences.


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They want changes in the implementation strategy of the acoustic map

Representatives of three districts appealed to GDDKiA to fulfill their obligation to carry out an as-built analysis in the field of noise measurements immediately after the completion of the POW-S2 investment, i.e. at the beginning of 2022, and not for three years, as provided for in the regulations. The analysis is to prove the need for a radical improvement in acoustic protection for the residents of Wilanów and Wawer, i.e. the construction of more effective noise barriers, including the postulated “green” screens, and an increase in the number of trees and shrubs around the POW road lane as a natural, additional insulator of noise and pollution.

Councilors and community workers appealed to the city to change the current strategy of implementing the new one acoustic map, that is, taking into account the forecast perspective for at least five years and the implementation of control monitoring for the acoustic map under development, following the example of solutions already used by the City of Gdańsk. – The implementation of the Acoustic Map is the responsibility of cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. So far, Warsaw has commissioned model mapping of noise occurrence in the city, without much reflection on the expansion of the city, including the creation of new roads, thus changing the factors causing noise in the future. A map useful for the city should also be created on the basis of control tests – said the acoustician, Mikołaj Kirpluk, president of the Association of the League of Fighting with Noise.

Wilanów section of the South Ring Road of WarsawGDDKiA

Air filters and speed measurements

The appeal of councilors and social activists also includes an application for the correct execution of all pavement elements, installations and construction elements of the entire POW route. An extremely important aspect for them is also the implementation of air filters on the route through Ursynów and speed measurements.

– As councilors of the Ursynów district, we support our colleagues from Wilanów and Wawer in the fight against excessive noise, which is and will be emitted from the POW. To these postulates, we once again add the issues of building filters on the exhaust launchers of the POW tunnel. We were promised by the politicians who are in power now before the local elections. After the elections, they turned their backs on the residents of Ursynów and Wilanów, who will have to deal with the problem of air deterioration with the POW. The commitments made should be kept and we urge that after the tests have been carried out, filters on POW exhaust launchers should be installed as soon as possible – ursynów councilor Paweł Lenarczyk appealed.

The conference was supported by MP Hanna Gill-Piątek, who undertook to start, together with the members of the Polska 2050 Parliamentary Circle, actions to change the regulations on noise standards, i.e. return to the standards in force in Poland before 2012. – In many large cities, the problem of excessive noise is still growing. It is necessary to treat the problem seriously as the main factor influencing the health and quality of life of Polish women and Poles. Our regulations in this area and the developed diagnostic documents, such as acoustic maps, are insufficient. A comprehensive approach to legislative changes with the participation of experts should be considered in order to find real tools to improve the quality of life of millions of inhabitants – said the deputy.

Main photo source: GDDKiA

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