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Warsaw, Praga North. He is suspected of theft using the “thorn” method. He got arrested because he was nervous when he saw the police

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Police arrested a man suspected of stealing money from a car using the “thorn” method. He had drugs on him.

According to the communiqué of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, the police officers of the Intelligence and Patrol Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters noticed a man on Markowska Street who was nervously looking around, and at the sight of them he hid something in his pants pocket. They decided to check what is the reason for this behavior.

“During the identification, it turned out that he was wanted by police officers from the police station in Nadarzyn, as a suspect of stealing money from the car using the “thorn” method. He had bundles with powder hidden in his pocket. Initial drug tests showed that some of them contained Money in the amount of nearly EUR 4,000 and PLN 430 was also secured. The man was taken to the police cell, police said.

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What is the “spike” method?

The thorn method is based on the fact that the perpetrators puncture the tire of a previously selected car. Typing usually takes place in a bank, where the person working with the thief watches the cash register windows, carefully looking for large withdrawals of money. Once the victim is chosen, the thief punctures the tires on the car she arrived in. After driving several dozen meters, the driver realizes that there is no air in the tires. He stops the car to check what happened to them. During this time, he usually does not lock the vehicle and thieves take advantage of this. When the victim returns to the car, he notices that he has been robbed.

The crime of theft is punishable by up to five years in prison.

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