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Warsaw Praga Północ. Squatters in a city-owned apartment

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The young couple was fed up with staying in a crowded place with their family. There was an empty apartment in the same building, so they took it and illegally connected the electricity. They lived there for a few days.

A city guard and two policemen assisted an administrator from the Real Estate Management Department in asking squatters out of a city-owned apartment. As the city guard reported in a statement, “during the inspection, the officers found that the lock on the entrance door to the premises had been drilled and a new one was inserted in place of the original lock. Electricity was illegally supplied to the apartment.”

Inside were a 28-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman.

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Their apartment was crowded

– They both lived previously in another apartment in this building, but their mother's apartment was crowded – eight people already lived there. Meanwhile, there was an empty apartment next door that belonged to the city, so they decided to occupy it. The man put a new lock in the door, connected electricity to the meter, and brought mattresses and personal belongings for both of them. They lived like this for several days, said the officer who assisted the administration staff in the intervention, quoted in the release.

As added, squatters will be held responsible for the theft of electricity and damage to the premises. The administration estimated the cost of repairs at PLN 2.8 thousand.

There are approximately 81,000 municipal apartments in Warsaw, inhabited by over 150,000 people.

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Main photo source: Municipal Police

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