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Warsaw. Praga signs – competition results, projects, visualizations

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We met the winners of the second edition of the “Praskie signboards” competition. Out of 34 submitted works, the seven best ones were selected. Aesthetic inscriptions are to appear on seven premises.

Civilization of outdoor advertising has been going on in Praga for several years. As part of the two editions of the “Signboard for a craftsman” competition, over 20 advertisements of a unique character were created, set in the tradition of Warsaw typography and fitting into the Praga atmosphere. Not all businesses have survived, but – as Jacek Grunt-Majer, who is responsible for the district’s revitalization, assures – there were no cases in which someone resigned from the competition sign, considering it ineffective.

Seven locations, no pawnshops or kebabs

Officials wanted to follow suit, but the plan was frozen due to the pandemic. – It was not known what the trade in the future would look like at all – says Grunt-Majer. When it turned out that traditional trade, although heavily battered, was coming back into play, another competition was announced.

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The task was to prepare a graphic concept for signs for seven premises belonging to the resources of the capital city, located in Praga Północ. In the pre-runs, activities such as pawnshops or kebabs were excluded. The selection committee consisted of officials from various units. They assessed: compliance of the concept with the purpose of the competition; innovation, ingenuity and originality of solutions; aesthetic values; the possibility of using design solutions in other premises.

12 artists took part in the competition, sending 34 works. The concepts of Piotr Pędzich, Marta Tracz, Przemysław Ostaszewski (two) and Natalia Fornalska (three) were selected.

As a result, the tailor shop at Stalowa 33 is to gain a luminous sign “Sewing to measure”. In the windows of the restaurant at 37 Stalowa Street, circles with the symbols of a cup, a leg of a raven, a piece of cake, with the inscriptions: breakfast, lunch, dessert (especially effective after dark) are to appear. Simple neon lights will encourage you to visit the optician, hairdresser and lighting shop at Jagiellońska 52. Colored pencils (also neon) are to be the hallmark of the art shop at Dąbrowszczaków 12.

The city paid for the competition, but what about the performance?

Jacek Grunt-Majer assures that officials did not force entrepreneurs to do anything. – Participation was voluntary. We visited them, showed them solutions, convinced them that it made sense. A strong argument was also that the project will be made for free, because the cost of the competition was covered by the city. – We’ll see how it will be with the implementation – he reserves, admitting that the issue of the implementation of signs is still an open question.

Jagiellońska 52 – optician, hairdresser’s service, lighting – is/will bePrzemyslaw Ostaszewski

Main photo source: Piotr Pedzich

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