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Warsaw, Prague. They will build a link from the “Szwedzka” metro station to the new railway stop

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The construction of a pedestrian and bicycle connection between the station of the second line of the Szwedzka metro station and the new Warszawa Targówek railway stop, which is waiting for opening, has started. After the investment is completed, pedestrians and cyclists will have an even, asphalt route three meters wide, with additional lighting.

ZDM has developed a project to build a pedestrian and bicycle route on its own, which will connect the entrance to the Szwedzka metro station with the Warszawa Targówek train stop. The project is being implemented by the municipal Road Repair and Conservation Plant. “We start the works immediately after obtaining the building permit, in order to be able to complete them as soon as possible. The investment on the border of Prague and Targówek is also carried out on the border of autumn and winter. The speed of works and the date of their completion largely depend on the weather. The works do not cause any difficulties in traffic “- ensure the capital’s road workers.


And they emphasize that the assumptions of the works are simple. “A three-meter-wide, asphalt route for pedestrians and cyclists, will be built from the easternmost exit from the metro, it will continue along the ‘Stalowa’ bus depot and at the back of the shopping center, and will end at the northern entrance to the PKP railway stop Warszawa Targówek. In addition, lighting is planned from the train stop to the depot area “- describes ZDM in a press release.

Road workers also gave date of demolition of the viaducts over Agrykola:

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Warsaw will demolish the viaducts on the Łazienkowska RouteTVN24

Main photo source: ZDM

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