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“Warsaw protects” program. The councilors will decide

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Councilors will decide on the allocation of PLN 70 million for the first tranche of the “Warsaw protects” program. Part of this money will go to the capital's waterworks, because, as Rafał Trzaskowski, mayor of Warsaw, said on Thursday during a press conference, “the most important thing is to guarantee water supplies.”

At Thursday's conference, the mayor of the capital, Rafał Trzaskowski, emphasized that “cities must be resistant to crises, and the situation is uncertain.”

– Therefore, we need to ensure safety and prepare for it. There is no reason to worry at this time, but you always have to be ready. Hence the initiative of the “Warsaw protects” program – he added.

“The most important item is to guarantee water supplies.”

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During the session, councilors will vote on the first tranche of money for activities under the “Warsaw Protects” program, amounting to over PLN 70 million.

– This is part of this amount, about 60 percent. We will continue to plan further activities that will strengthen Warsaw's resilience to crises, noted the mayor of the capital.

– Part of this money will strengthen Warsaw's waterworks to increase their resilience to the crisis, secure critical infrastructure, new water intakes and the ability to distribute water in crisis situations to the highest extent – emphasized Trzaskowski.

He emphasized that the most important thing is to guarantee water supplies and protect critical infrastructure. The package for waterworks will include the modernization of the power supply system for the most important MPWiK facilities, modernization of the high-pressure pumping station, construction of a new water intake, purchase of water packaging equipment and the purchase of 12 tankers for transporting drinking water. Trzaskowski said that in addition, MPWiK spent a lot of money on the construction of retention collectors, which are needed in situations such as heavy rains.

Rafał Trzaskowski presents the first package of activities planned as part of the capital's “Warsaw Protects” programPAP/Radek Pietruszka

“Another issue is the modernization of the communication system”

Further money will be spent on the purchase of road equipment for the Road Repair and Maintenance Plant, on the expansion of the city monitoring system and the creation of a new platform that will allow, for example, the police to have remote access to the capital's monitoring system.

– Another issue is the modernization of the communication system in viewing centers that handle monitoring and all types of educational work – said the president. The city will also build a special equipment warehouse in Wawer. Power generators, for example, will be stored there.

The capital has developed the “Warsaw protects” programwhich includes a package of activities and investments in the protection of civilians in crisis situations and the adaptation of the city to threats.

The package will include, among others: organizing places of shelter, securing access to water, ensuring the continuity of the functioning of city authorities, purchasing appropriate equipment and educating residents in the field of safety.

There are also plans to select and adapt facilities that could, for example, serve as substitute hospital places in times of danger.

The program also assumes the creation of warehouses, including a flood protection warehouse equipped with appropriate equipment, and the creation of additional water intakes independent of the water supply network, as well as the purchase of barrel tankers.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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