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Warsaw. Protest in front of MEiN: young LGBT + activists stuck to the ground in front of the building’s gate

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A dozen or so young people, mainly from the LGBT + Youth Forum, protest in front of the building of the Ministry of Education and Science on Aleja Szucha. Some stuck to the ground and block the entrance to the building.

Activists from the Youth LGBT + Forum have been blocking the entrance to the Ministry of Education and Science from 7am. In this way, they want to express their opposition to the policies and statements of Minister Przemysław Czarnek. Some of them stuck on the ground in front of the building, which is supposed to symbolize victims of hatred and homophobia. They keep obituaries stating the reasons for death, including “ignorance”, “indoctrination”, “dehumanization” and “desensitization”. Others have plaques with the questions, “This is being taped. Will you pass over our bodies indifferently?” and “Our fate is not worth talking about?”.

The organization’s Facebook post shows that people from various activist groups, such as Cień Mgły and Protestea, take part in the action.


Opposition to the “propaganda of Minister Czarnek’s hatred and its deformation of the education system”

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“On August 20, representatives of the Youth LGBT + Forum were invited to the Minister of Education, Przemysław Czarnek. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister Tomasz Rzymkowski. The conversation was the result of a 24-hour hunger protest and the blockade of the entrance gate to the Ministry building. Activists protested with demands: the resignation of Minister Czarnek for rhetoric. hatred against LGBT + people, the creation of the Round Table on Education taking into account social aspects, education reform for the 21st century, including sexual, anti-discrimination and environmental education “- reminds the LGBT + Youth Forum in the Facebook post.

In their opinion – despite assurances that they were respected regardless of their orientation – there was a bias from the minister’s statements. “There were also personal provocations. The ministry declared that the talks would continue. Unfortunately, no actions were taken. The collective also did not receive an answer to the outline of the Education Round Table, which we sent as agreed during the meeting. The conversation with the activists of the LGBT + Youth Forum was instrumentally used. as an event to warm the image of Przemysław Czarnek “- claim activists.

And they explain that due to the lack of a response from the Ministry, they continue their activist activities: “Today, we are blocking the Ministry of Education and Science physically and morally. Once again, we show our opposition to the propaganda of Minister Czarnek’s hatred and its deformation of the education system. We consistently demand his resignation and talks. on real reform of education “.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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