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Warsaw. Protest in front of the Ministry of Health after the death of pregnant Dorota

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On Wednesday evening, the “Not one more” march passed through Warsaw. In this way, the participants commemorated the death of the pregnant 33-year-old Dorota from Bochnia, but also of other women who died in a similar way.

– All this you say to doctors – heard the participants of the march in front of the building of the Ministry of Health in Warsaw, where the protest arrived in the evening.

– As soon as you see that someone close to us, a person has a problem, just like the girls who did not survive, you go and say directly: you have a duty to save – the crowd was addressed. As it was emphasized, many people are moved by the fate of women who died in hospitals.

Protesters in front of the seat of the Ministry of Health

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Just before the end of the event, the participants heard from the megaphone: “We came to the Ministry of Health because we know who manages doctors and doctors. We know who creates this anti-abortion climate. We also know who funded us to tighten the law in 2020 and we expect the Ministry of Health to it just finally got over it. Because that’s really six deaths too many, and that’s all we know about.”

There is a curia next to the building of the Ministry of Health, a few blocks away. – Is it a coincidence? the organizers asked. They asked the participants to show the “middle finger”.

“Remember that you are not alone,” they said.

The crowd shouted slogans: “we want to live” or “could live”.

“I can’t imagine these girls dying”

– For my granddaughters, because I am the mother of sons, for my daughters-in-law, for all of us. I just can’t imagine these things happening, these girls dying. This is out of the question. Not one more – said Mrs. Grażyna, a participant in the march, when asked who she was participating in the protest for. As she said, when she heard about another such case, she “boiled” in her. “I’ve been agitated since the first one, but it’s boiled over,” she said.

As she assessed, “a little too little” is the reaction of young women.

– Very gently: it makes us angry. Unfortunately, two institutions, such as our government and the Church, have merged into one and women have been suffering the most from this for several years – said Kasia, another participant in the march. – You could already see at the march on June 4 in Warsaw how people can actually do a lot if they join forces – she added.

Protests organized by the National Women’s Strike lasted on Wednesday not only in Warsaw. Both larger and smaller cities joined them. Thousands of people gathered in the streets to commemorate the 33-year-old pregnant Dorota.

In Warsaw, the event was secured by a large police force, but as TVN24 reporter Małgorzata Mielcarek pointed out, there were no incidents. There was also a counter-demonstration nearby. It was attended by opponents of abortion.

Recall: Dorota Lalik died at the end of May in a hospital in Nowy Targ. She got there in the fifth month of pregnancy after the waters had broken. She died three days later from septic shock. A few hours before his death, an ultrasound showed fetal demise. This case is pending investigation conducted by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice.

Main photo source: TVN24

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