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Warsaw. Protest of miners and steelworkers in front of the building of the Ministry of Climate

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Several hundred miners and steelworkers protest in front of the seat of the Ministry of Climate and Environment. They came to Warsaw to alert the authorities, e.g. about the imminent bankruptcy of Węglokoks. The company supplies plants in Silesia with the fuel necessary for their operation.

As reported by TVN 24 reporter Michał Gołębiowski, who observed Friday’s protest action, at least several coaches with trade unionists from steelworks and mines came to Warsaw from Silesia. – The protesters unanimously emphasize that the Węglokoks company is on the verge of bankruptcy, and it is a company that supplies these plants with the fuel needed to operate – explained the reporter. The company is in deep trouble because it bought coal at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, when the raw material was expensive. The coal was bought at the behest of the government.

– There was supposed to be compensation from the politicians who commissioned this purchase, but this did not appear. That is why trade unionists in the strength of several hundred people came to protest in front of the Ministry of Climate and Environment – added Gołębiowski.

Coke at risk

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The protesters are alarming that the bankruptcy of Węglokoks would cause the collapse of the entire Polish steel industry.

Trade unions emphasize that the purchased coal is of very poor quality. But it can hit the market at dumping prices. – This will cause too much coal on the market – noted the TVN24 reporter. This, in turn, may bring work to a standstill in the mines and halt production.

The protest started around 12.30. It is expected to last at least until 2 pm. Trade unions expect that someone from the ministry will come out to talk to them.

Main photo source: TVN24

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