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Warsaw. Punctured taxi tires, bloodied driver and gun. The police are investigating

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A firefighter from the OSP Wesoła unit noticed a taxi with punctured tires on Targowa Street on Saturday. The driver’s side door was open and the man inside was bleeding and having difficulty breathing. A gun lay beside the broken glass. The police don’t reveal much. For the time being, it is known that a notice of criminal threats has been received

Firefighters from OSP Wesoła described the event on social media. As they indicated, on Saturday, June 24, in the afternoon, on Targowa Street in Warsaw, one of their friends – Mikołaj Jaworski – noticed an unusual situation on the road.

Flat tires, open doors and a bloody driver

“There was a taxi parked in the lane with punctured tires and the driver’s door open. Upon approaching, our firefighter saw a bloody taxi driver who had difficulty breathing. Among the broken glass, Mikołaj also noticed a gun. The victim tried with difficulty to explain to the operator of the emergency number 112 what happened,” they said.

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As we read further, the firefighter secured the scene, evacuated the injured man from the vehicle and provided him with medical assistance, among others. stopping the bleeding. The police arrived at the scene and the victim was handed over to the medical rescue team.

The incident took place in Targowa Street Mikolaj Jaworski

“From this place, we would like to thank and congratulate the courage of the lady from the dark seat, who, despite the danger, dared to stop and help at the scene before the arrival of the police” – summed up the firefighters.

The taxi driver was injured

We asked the police about the case, but so far little is known. – A notification of criminal threats has been submitted to the Warsaw VI Police Headquarters. At the moment, efforts are underway to identify the perpetrator. The taxi driver was injured, but we do not have a document from a doctor confirming this – Agnieszka Wiatrowicz-Grabowska from the Warsaw VI District Police Headquarters in Praga Północ said in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl.

Main photo source: Mikolaj Jaworski

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