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Warsaw-Radom Airport is open. Sebastian Mikosz, former president of PLL LOT, comments

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Warsaw-Radom Airport is open. – This is a nice and good investment – ​​Sebastian Mikosz, former president of LOT Polish Airlines and Kenya Airways, commented in “You get up and know” on TVN24. For now, the only regular carrier present at the new airport is LOT. According to the former vice-president of IATA, the key to the emergence of other carriers is the cooperation with them of the authorities of Polskie Porty Lotnicze (PPL), which manages the Warsaw-Radom airport.

Warsaw-Radom Airport was opened on Thursday. Its construction began in May 2019. – This is a nice and good investment – ​​Sebastian Mikosz, former president of LOT Polish Airlines and Kenya Airways, commented in “You get up and know” on TVN24.

In his opinion, the strongest point of the port is that it exists. The airport in Radom had to be closed once because of the lack of interest of passengers and, consequently, of airlines. – The airport, which was before, was impossible to operate because there was a terminal, but there was no runway and these investments, apart from this terminal, (…), were concentrated around infrastructure that passengers cannot see – the former vice-president of the International Association pointed out Air Transport Companies (IATA).

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Where do we fly from Warsaw Radom Airport?

LOT Polish Airlines is currently the only regular carrier at the Warsaw-Radom airport. Among the regular destinations that the carrier will serve are: Paris, Rome, Preveza, Tirana and Varna. Tours from Radom are offered by travel agencies: Coral Travel, Exim Tours, Greek Travels, Itaka, Nekera, Rainbow, Rego-Bis, Sun&Fun Holidays and TUI.

Mikosz emphasized that “the airport is being developed by airlines”. “Now is the time to have this infrastructure. Indeed, the capacity of all airports around Warsaw is already at its absolute maximum, because Modlin is very close to its border, in my opinion Chopin Airport has already crossed this border. The question is how the authorities of Polish Airports – because Chopin and Radom are managed by one PPL company – will encourage carriers to take business risks in future seasons and open these connections, knowing that theoretically it should be a cheaper airport for the carrier and there are no restrictions capacity – pointed out the former president of LOT.

Warsaw-Radom AirportPAP/Mateusz Marek

According to Mikosz, tests are currently underway with the use of a touchstone, by “putting a finger in the water and testing the temperature”. – Several charter carriers have announced trials, and LOT naturally went there. I’m curious to see if others follow suit,” added the former IATA vice president.

Sebastian Mikosz was therefore asked whether more connections from the Warsaw-Radom airport could be expected than at present. According to the former president LOT Polish Airlines for the assessment “it really takes 2 years”.

– Because the industry operates in seasonal cycles. The summer season is always easy because it is overloaded, everyone has a jam. Success is assessed after the winter season and whether there are carriers in this summer season who will say: “ok, we will fly next year”, whether there will be carriers who will establish a regular network so that passengers will say: “There is a flight from Radom to the place I want to fly to, I’ll get on and go to Radom this hour, because it’s a nice price and a nice connection” – he explained.

“This is the weakness of both airports around Warsaw”

The TVN24 guest said that the weakness of the Warsaw-Radom airport, similarly to the Warsaw-Modlin airport, is the lack of a direct railway connection to the terminal. – This is the weakness of both airports around Warsaw, because Modlin also has no rail connection. It is supposed to have, but Radom is also announced – indicated Mikosz, noting, however, that the railway investment may last for years.

Such an investment – as the guest “You get up and know” said – “is cool if you can get off the platform and walk several dozen meters to the terminal”. The airport in Gdańsk was cited as a good example.

At the same time, the former vice-president of IATA pointed out that when flights from the Warsaw-Radom airport start, a whole service of buses will be created, which will be able to travel to the port. – The airport will have to ensure that the attractiveness of the connection outside the center of Warsaw is not eaten up by the access – he stressed.

Cheaper flights than from Warsaw?

Mikosz admitted that tickets for flights from the airport located in the south of Mazovia may be cheaper than from Warsaw Chopin Airport.

– I do not know what the passenger fees are, what is the difference in the passenger fee that the airline can reduce. I’m assuming it could be a few hundred zlotys. It may also be that costs will be lower because the airport has no capacity limitations. Chopin Airport in Warsaw is completely jammed, so it may be that some attractive flights will simply move to Radom in terms of prices, because it will be profitable for carriers – assessed the president of PLL LOT and Kenya Airways.

The TVN24 guest noted that “cooperation with carriers is the key”.

Main photo source: PAP/Mateusz Marek

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