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Warsaw-Radom Airport. The limit of 10,000 checked-in passengers has been exceeded

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Warsaw-Radom Airport checked in over 10,000 passengers, TVN24 Biznes reported on Saturday Anna Dermont, spokeswoman for Polish Airports (PPL). The new port in the south of Mazovia was opened at the end of April.

Warsaw-Radom Airport was officially opened on April 27 this year. From the moment of opening until May 28, 8,549 passengers used the port in the south of Mazovia. On Saturday, June 3, the limit of 10,000 was exceeded. passengers.

Warsaw-Radom Airport – number of passengers

– We have just checked in our 10,000th passenger. The interest in flights is growing, the network of connections is becoming more and more attractive – said Anna Dermont, spokeswoman for PPL, which manages the Warsaw-Radom airport.

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From June, new charter and regular connections are to be launched from the Warsaw-Radom airport in stages. The inauguration of the charter connection between the Warsaw-Radom airport and Turkish Antalya is scheduled for Saturday. In the coming weeks, flights to Tirana – June 11, Preveza – June 16 and Varna – June 20 will be launched.

They are the only regular carrier present in the port LOT Polish Airlines. The national carrier offers regular connections from Radom to Paris, Rome, Preveza, Tirana and Varna. PLL LOT and Enter Air offer charter flights to Antalya. Holiday holidays with departure from the south of Mazovia are also organized by travel agencies: Coral Travel, Greckie Podróże, Itaka, Nekera, Rainbow, Rego-Bis, Sun and Fun Holidays and TUI.

Radom will wait a long time for profits

Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy and Government Plenipotentiary for STH Marcin Horała recently informed in response to a parliamentary question that “in order for the airport to become profitable, the number of passengers checked in in one month should exceed 80,000”, i.e. about 960,000 passengers per year .

According to the information provided by the deputy head of the MFiPR, the Warsaw-Radom airport is to start generating profits from 2028. “According to PPL SA’s financial forecasts for the Warsaw-Radom Airport, EBITDA will start to be generated from 2028” – we could read in response to an interpellation.

Adrian Furgalski, president of the board of the Economic Advisory Group TOR, in a recent interview with TVN24 Biznes pointed out that “you can get lost in the data provided by the minister” Horała. – On the one hand, it writes about profits at the level of 960,000 passengers per year, which is to take place in two years. However, PPL’s ​​forecasts are based on the aforementioned IATA forecasts, which predict profit only at 1.5 million passengers, i.e. 125,000 per month, so only in 2028, the expert noted.

Warsaw-Radom Airport – air traffic forecast prepared by IATASejm of the Republic of Poland

In his opinion, this year the number of passengers served at the port in the south of Mazovia will amount to “about 100,000”.

Main photo source: PAP

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