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Warsaw. Rafał Trzaskowski about prohibition, clean transport zone, traffic jams, repairs

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Night prohibition, problem with parking, clean transport zone, accumulation of renovations, monument of the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 and the future of Finnish houses in Jazdów. These are only some of the topics that the residents of Śródmieście asked the mayor of Warsaw about.

On Wednesday evening, Rafał Trzaskowski met with the residents of the district in the sports hall at Górnośląska Street. It was another installment of the district tour that the politician started before the pandemic. He returned to meetings when covid let go. The spectrum of topics was, as always, wide.

Mayor of Warsaw against night prohibition

A resident of the Foksal area complained about the night brawls allowed by the alcohol-abusing regulars of the local clubs. “We see how much the area has deteriorated. Drugs, violence, alcohol pouring into the morning. I am defending shop assistants, often Ukrainian women, who are offended by intoxicated people. None of us would like to sell alcohol at night, she said, advocating the introduction of a night prohibition. Her proposal met with an ovation from the gathered. (Recently, such a decision was made by the councilors of Krakowwhich joined about 200 municipalities in Poland where alcohol is not sold at night).

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“I’ll be honest: I’m not a pro-prohibitionist. I am of my age and I remember what was going on during communism. If such regulations are adopted, I am afraid that “a Pole can do it”, that alcohol will be sold anyway. But on the other hand: I see a problem. We cooperate with the police, the municipal police are sent to sensitive places, we try to regulate this matter by conducting a (appropriate – ed.) policy of issuing licenses. I believe that prohibition would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, replied the mayor of Warsaw.

The topic also came back later. Rafał Trzaskowski repeated that he “does not underestimate the problem”, but also “is not a supporter of zero-one bans”.

Rafał Trzaskowski on the night prohibition (illustration photo)TVN24

Clean transport zone not for seniors?

He also faced the case clean transport zone, which is to enter into force gradually in the years 2024-32 (the entry ban for the oldest cars). A resident of Solec proposed not to include seniors (70 plus) and people who had cars that did not meet the standards before the entry into force of the regulations.

– We do not want old, poisonous cars entering the city center. We are planning a zone (in the place – ed.), which is the most polluted today – Trzaskowski explained the idea. – We are discussing adopting other regulations for the residents of the zone, especially the elderly, giving them more time, perhaps excluding them from some of the regulations if they have a registered car now. We are writing this plan for years, but if we do not introduce these regulations, we will all suffocate – he added.

Accumulation of repairs and wheel locks

A resident of Powiśle spoke about “parking spaces disappearing overnight”. She suggested that the guards are ruthless in applying roadblocks to residents, but during Legia matches, where cars are abandoned on every patch of pavement or lawn, there is permission for a parking lot. “The city police don’t even accept reports then,” she said. She also asked about closing the main arteries in the north-south axis, which is very bothersome for drivers.

The mayor of the capital replied that on the issue of blockades “his request to the guards is always the same”. – “Jaws” should be the last resort – he emphasized, although he considered the signals coming from Powiśle to be “disturbing”.

He said about the renovations: – I realize that it is a cumbersome accumulation of renovations. This is due to the fact that in a year or two we will have Aleje Jerozolimskie dug up. The cross-city line will be renovated using the opencast method, which was chosen by the railway workers. This was the only window of opportunity to carry out these renovations. We want to do as much as possible. Because if they cumulated with the tearing of Aleje Jerozolimskie, the whole city would stop.

He also argued that the priority for the collective in this situation is obvious. – I’m not against anyone. The decisions I make must be rational. If I know that the bus will carry many more people, it is completely natural that when we renovate large streets, we try to give priority to public transport. Because it will carry the largest number of passengers – he argued.

Monument to the Battle of Warsaw, toilet in the Saxon Garden

There was also talk of a monument to the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, which is to be erected at Plac Na Rozdrożu. According to a representative of one of the surrounding communities, this will happen without the consent of the residents, at the expense of greenery, the fountain and the compositional axis of the so-called kite.

– The government is building this monument, they insisted on building it. This is the apple of the deputy prime minister’s eye (Piotr Gliński – ed.). The city council decided, after long talks, that this monument will be erected. I argue with the government on almost every possible issue, but I can’t argue on every issue. In my opinion, it is important to rationalize those projects that will be built anyway – admitted Rafał Trzaskowski. (Recall: despite the lack of enthusiasm, the city took part in an architectural competition, the head of the Architecture Office chaired the work of the jury).

One of the participants of the meeting asked why there is no civilized lavatory in the Saxon Garden. This is a topic we have written about on tvnwarszawa.pl several times. With no effect. In one of the most important parks in Warsaw, only plastic toilets are available for walkers. – There are a lot of guests from Poland and abroad and they have nowhere to go … – the senior noticed shyly. Here, the mayor of the capital did not offer specifics. “I hope we can do something about it,” he replied.

The same lady also asked about city squares in Śródmieście. – When will the parking lots disappear and it will be beautiful? The hall responded with thunderous applause. Others demanded neglected parks and green areas near Rozbraty and Szara.

Declarations regarding Finnish houses in Jazdów

The representative of Open Jazdów raised the issue of the future of Finnish houses and the organizations that operate in them. He spoke of a “negotiation deadlock”.

– We are negotiating all the time, there is good will. You would like to take full responsibility for what happens there. We want to share this responsibility. We need to find a compromise between those who operate there – NGOs – and those who live there. These interests are not always 100% convergent, admitted Trzaskowski. At the same time, he strongly emphasized that this “extraordinary place will retain its character” and there are no people among his subordinates and the authorities of Śródmieście who think otherwise.

Asked about his presence at the march on June 4, he replied that he was going and encouraged others to do so.

Main photo source: Szymon Pulcyn / UM

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