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Warsaw. Rafał Trzaskowski about the Lech Kaczyński monument

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The president of the capital said in “Kropka nad i” that he is against removing the monument to Lech Kaczyński, which stands on the outskirts of Piłsudski Square. He also admitted that the Warsaw councilors of the Civic Coalition had a “stricter” opinion.

Rafał Trzaskowski was asked about the statue of Lech Kaczyński, which stands in front of the Warsaw Garrison Command building, on Monday on TVN24. – I am not in favor of removing these monuments because it would cause another war – he said.

The presenter, Monika Olejnik, then asked whether a referendum was needed on the matter.

– We’ll talk about it. Councilors of the Civic Coalition have a harsher opinion than me, but it seems to me that we must end this phase of restoring the rule of law, cleaning up after PiS, and there are local elections to start the phase of responding to the real problems of Polish women and men – those relating to labor market, those related to issues related to clean air, the fight against the climate crisis, the creation of new jobs – we need to talk about this – he said.

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Who gave consent?

The seven-meter-high statue of Lech Kaczyński was erected in an area that is formally not urban, but military. Therefore, the consent to erect the monument was given by the voivode, not the Warsaw Council. This is the second monument related to the Smolensk disaster. The first one, dedicated to all the victims of the disaster, was unveiled at Piłsudski Square on April 10, on the eighth anniversary of the tragic event.

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