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Warsaw. Rafał Trzaskowski in the kitchen, new film

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As promised, he did so – he returned to the kitchen. This time, Rafał Trzaskowski is standing by the pots and his wife is resting at the table, thanking people for voting for her husband in the local elections. A new recording appeared on the social media of the Mayor of Warsaw.

The video released on Tuesday is short, lasting nine seconds. – Thank you, my dears, for your great mobilization in the local elections and for returning to normality – says Małgorzata Trzaskowska, sitting at the kitchen table. Next to it, you can see Rafał Trzaskowski with his back turned, busying himself at the stove.

The new recording is the answer to Christmas wishes from the mayor of the capital. In a video that quickly disappeared from social media, Trzaskowski wished everyone a Happy Easter. His wife was cooking and he was sitting in a chair. The video was criticized for being stereotypical: the man sits and the woman works in the kitchen. Trzaskowski beat his chest, apologized and admitted that the film was a mistake. Over the next few days, he explained that he was “the cook” at home.

Victory in the first round

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On election night after the first poll results were announced, he referred to the unfortunate recording. He turned to his wife: – Gosia, thank you very much, I will finally be able to return to my rightful place, by the kitchen.

Rafał Trzaskowski in the local elections he obtained 444,006 votes, which gave him support of 57.41 percent. This meant victory in the first round.

Main photo source: Rafał Trzaskowski/X

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