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Warsaw. Rafal Trzaskowski meeting with the residents of Wilanów, report

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The inhabitants of Zawady or Powsinek do not want to be treated worse by the city than those from the “funded” Miasteczko Wilanów. The lack of balance in the district’s development became evident during the visit of the Mayor of Warsaw to Wilanów.

With a meeting at primary school number 358 at Ledóchowska Street, Rafał Trzaskowski completed the series of visits to districts. He started in Wawer in 2020, but due to the long pandemic break, he reached the finish line in Wilanów only after four years. The formula was the same everywhere: residents ask questions, the president answers.

Tram with problems, but without contractual penalties

Although one could assume that the meeting in Wilanów would be dominated by the topic of the construction of a tram line, only one question concerned this issue. Bartosz Chwaliszewski asked whether the city provides for contractual penalties for the contractor for delaying the completion of the investment: – Does the city plan to allocate this money to investments in our district that would support sustainable development?

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As the mayor of Warsaw admitted, “this construction was supposed to be completed at the beginning of this year.” – The tram to Wilanów will be commissioned at the end of August, and should be operational at the beginning of September – he announced. At the same time, he expressed hope that the section on Gagarin “will be completed faster.” He admitted that contractual penalties should not be expected because the problems were not the contractor’s fault and resulted mainly from the larger scope of work. This, in turn, resulted from the discrepancy between what was on the maps and what was actually underground. – We discovered conflicts with the heating network, which is mainly why we had a delay – explained Trzaskowski.

Work progress on the Wilanów sectionTomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

Zawady is demanding the school, they want more buses

Many questions revolved around the infrastructural backwardness in Zawady. This is the part of Wilanów closest to the Vistula, where the so-called field buildings, terraced houses built in the middle of nowhere with a poor access road.

Aleksandra Kurzej, who lives in Zawady (she introduced herself as a fan of Rafał Trzaskowski), asked what about the school that had been promised for years. – In 2016, Mayor Rakowski announced the purchase of a plot of land, but to this day there is no sight or sound of the school. The people from Miasteczko Wilanów are upset that we cause traffic jams, but we have no choice, we would prefer to school at home, she said. She also talked about “children’s communication exclusion”. – There is one bus in Kępa Zawadowska that goes to Sadyba. There is no bus that goes to Miasteczko Wilanów or any metro station. It takes an hour and a half to get to school in Mokotów by public transport, she said.

– We built a school in Miasteczko Wilanów, we have a problem in Zawady, I am aware of it. We are acquiring a plot of land, I know it takes a long time. There remains the problem of money. It takes PLN 80-100 million to build a good, modern school. This is a huge outlay, we will look for this money. We have a similar situation in Białołęka or Bemowo, there are still needs because Warsaw is developing at an incredible pace – replied the mayor of the capital.

Communication is also a problem in this area of ​​Wilanów. – The residents of Zawady had bus 163 to the center of Wilanów for 20 years. When line 263 to the Oncology Center was launched, routes 163 on Saturday and Sunday were canceled – noted one of the residents.

– Given the increasing costs, we are trying to do everything to make this communication effective, but we are not able to respond to all residents’ requests everywhere – admitted the mayor of Warsaw. He also noted that the communication situation in Wilanów will improve dramatically after the tram is launched. – When the buses on this route become available, they will be able to be moved to other places – he announced.

When will Bruzdowa be renovated? Will there be screens along POW?

The same resident also asked about Bruzdowa Street, which has no sidewalks on the section from Gratyna to Metryczna and is paved with old concrete. – There is heavy car traffic and people are splashed with mud. It is not fitting for such an important street in Zawady to be in such a condition – she described.

– A thorough renovation, drainage and purchase of some plots will cost PLN 60 million, which is a huge cost. We are analyzing other solutions through the overlay to make the place safe and safe to drive on. This is the most important problem (in this region – ed.), but it is on our radar – assured Rafał Trzaskowski.

Hanna Łazarczyk complained about the noise that residents have to deal with after the opening of the Southern Bypass of Warsaw. – It was built without the covers that were promised, life in Powsinek became a nightmare – she said.

– The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, i.e. the government, is responsible for the bypass. We fought with the management, who claimed that no noise levels had been exceeded, but we took a completely different position. Today the situation has changed, cooperation is completely different. Everything indicates that these shields will be built – Trzaskowski gave hope.

They don’t want to feel inferior and they can’t build houses

However, the meeting was dominated by urban planning issues, primarily those presented last year draft spatial development study – it is a document that sets the directions of the city’s development. In the form proposed by the town hall, he introduced the so-called urbanization limits, seriously limited the possibility of building in the green parts of Wilanów. After a wave of criticism, the document was put in the freezer (ultimately, due to statutory changes, it will have to be replaced by a general plan anyway, we wrote about it in more detail on tvn24.pl)

– The study presented by you and your officials excludes 80 percent of Powsin and 60 percent of Wilanów from development – said Szymon Porębski, “one of the last farmers in Powsin”. – I am a future father and I would like to build a house for my family. Why do you want to forbid me from building my own land? The Porębski family has lived here for generations and has always farmed here. The gentleman comes and says: “you can’t” – alleged the resident. He was outraged by the lack of infrastructure. – Why are we worse inhabitants of Warsaw? – he asked, the room responded with applause.

Monika Pyzel from Powsinek spoke in a similar tone. – It is difficult for us to understand that we will be pushed beyond the boundaries of urbanization (…) After the construction of the bypass, Wilanów was divided and various conflicts arise. The town of Wilanów is heavily invested and other parts of the district are not developing in the same way. The town lacks greenery, we are given this greenery. My request is for the district to develop in a sustainable way, to find balance and not to deepen the differences that are becoming more and more visible. The point is that we all feel good and have equal access to services and infrastructure, she asked.

Wojciech Zieliński, a resident of Zawady, drew attention to the provisions of the local plan that prevent him from building a house. – The local plan from 2017 blocked the possibility of building at Wał Zawadowskie. The provision in the plan does not allow for the construction of septic tanks, it is necessary to connect to the sewage system, but it will be built together with Czerniakowska bis – he pointed out.

– We must plan the city’s development in a sensible way and set the boundaries of urbanization, because without it the city will expand. Developers promise who knows what, build houses and then everyone blames the city (for the lack of infrastructure – editor). We are unable to keep up with development that is not planned, replied President Trzaskowski. He reassured that the project of the study, which caused so much controversy, would not enter into force for now.

He assured that if planning works for a given area were aimed at allowing development, it would be allowed, in line with the expectations of the residents. – We listen to the voices of residents, and many of them will be taken into account. It happened that the local plan, which had been prepared for many years, indicated that development would be possible, and the study included a different solution. We will change the plan there, this is a priority – he emphasized.

Rafał Trzaskowski’s meeting with the residents of WilanówUM

Fears of Czerniakowska encore. “We don’t want a highway to Konstancin”

Paulina Dunaj pointed out another flaw of the study, which “harms the interests of the inhabitants of Zawady.” – A version of the document was presented in which Czerniakowska bis is drawn from the Southern Bypass of Warsaw to the borders of Konstancin. For us this is unacceptable. Czerniakowska bis is planned with two lanes through the reserve (…) We do not want a highway to the Konstancin commune, we want the local infrastructure of our area to be renovated, not through roads – she clarified.

– Czerniakowska bis must be built on one fragment and we want to include it in the city budget. We will also continue to talk with you about what the part towards Konstancin should look like – replied Trzaskowski.

A parking lot instead of a park, the self-help center must move out

Barbara Parafiniuk talked about the problems of the Community Self-Help Home at Przyczółkowa 27 intended for adults with intellectual disabilities. – The building is lent by the district, for which we are very grateful, but it needs to be renovated. Please help us find a facility in the area for the duration of this renovation, she appealed. Rafał Trzaskowski assured that talks are underway with the authorities of neighboring Ursynów to organize such a place and it will probably be at Hawaiska Street, next to one of the kindergartens.

Franciszek, a resident of Wilanów Niski, asked why on the Wilanów beach (near the district office), in the place where Rafał Trzaskowski promised a park, “there is only a parking lot for food trucks.” The president replied that he remembered the campaign promise, but the problem in implementing it were ownership issues. – As far as land is concerned, the matter is unsettled. We have been in court with the developer for 20 years, currently in the Supreme Court. (…) I hope we are at the last stage, he replied.

Finally, he expressed hope that the situation of local governments, including Warsaw’s, would improve thanks to the change of government. He talked about the demand for a greater share in funds obtained from personal income tax. – The government will meet our needs, that is clear. Whether it will be 100 or 80 percent remains to be seen in 2025, he concluded.

Rafał Trzaskowski about investments in the capital (statement from February 11)

Rafał Trzaskowski about investments in the capital (statement from February 11)TVN24

Author:Piotr Bakalarski

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

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