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Warsaw. Rafał Trzaskowski on Radio Zet about the future of Warsaw, challenges and problems

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Rafał Trzaskowski announced public consultations on limiting night sales of alcohol in the capital on Radio ZET. They will take place after the local elections. The president of the capital also counted how many shelters Warsaw has.

– There will be consultations on the ban on night sales of alcohol in Warsaw – said the mayor of the capital, Rafał Trzaskowski, on Wednesday morning on Radio ZET. He added that he was personally not in favor of such a solution. With such bans, problems arise where the restricted zone ends, he said.

The Left’s candidate for the president of Warsaw, deputy speaker of the Senate Magdalena Biejat, said on Tuesday that she personally supports the ban on night sales of alcohol in Warsaw, as it does in other cities. Trzaskowski was asked on Wednesday on Radio Zet whether he would also be in favor of such a “night prohibition”.

Post-election consultations

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He emphasized that he was not in favor of such a solution and spoke about it many times. “But because much earlier on mine such voices appeared in meetings with Warsaw residents before politicians got involved and before politicians woke up, we ordered consultations and there will be consultations“- said the mayor of Warsaw.

He added that if the majority of Warsaw residents want a ban on night sales of alcohol, then the city hall will consider introducing it. “After the election campaign, so that politicians do not abuse this argument now, because we want to make a rational decision,” Trzaskowski warned.

He emphasized that this concerns the sale of alcohol in stores, not in restaurants.

Trzaskowski pointed out that whenever restrictions are introduced in the city, problems begin where the zone covered by the ban ends. Therefore – as the mayor of the capital pointed out – such a ban cannot be introduced “just like that”.

Rafał Trzaskowski was also asked by a listener whether he was in favor of decriminalizing marijuana for personal use. He replied that “first of all, the main threat today are chemical inventions, which are extremely dangerous.” He added: – I am also against chasing boys in the street and ruining their lives just because they thought of having half a joint in their pocket.

What about the Saxon Palace?

When asked on Radio Zet about the reconstruction of the Saski Palace, Rafał Trzaskowski pointed out that “PiS has created a law that obliges the current government to implement the construction plan in a very specific way, and President Andrzej Duda said that he would block any change.”

– I am skeptical whether this money could not be spent in another way: the downtown ring road, the subway. It seems to me that this money can be spent in a more sensible way, emphasized Rafał Trzaskowski.

He noted, however, that the Minister of Culture has this responsibility he has a different opinion on the matter and is “rather one of the supporters of reconstruction”. – I am convinced if someone tells me what will happen with interference in the park, so that there will be no large felling of trees, with traffic around, what will be there – he said. He noted that he is ready to support the construction of the Saxon Palace if the functions there are open to all Warsaw residents and the building is not closed to them.

Streets not feminine enough

Rafał Trzaskowski was also asked by the listener about words about Lech Kaczyńskiego Street in Warsaw. The author of the question pointed out that there are few female street patrons. “Less than 10 percent of streets in Warsaw have a female patron, and out of over 450 monuments, only seven commemorate specific women,” he wrote.

Trzaskowski emphasized that he pays special attention to women’s rights. – When it comes to the streets, we have a program to appreciate the women of Warsaw, for example in Pola Mokotowskie. Every time there are applications for street patrons, I support such applications – he explained. – I would also like to remind you about the new bridge’s patron saint – he added, referring to the bridge named after… Maria Skłodowska-Curie.

Audit regarding diplomas from Collegium Humanum

The conversation also touched on the issue of MBA diplomas issued by the Collegium Humanum and how many local government officials associated with the Warsaw PO could receive such diplomas. Investigators believe that It was at this university that diploma trading could take place.

– We’re checking it out right now. We have had a training program at the University of Warsaw, the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Technology for several years, but there are also people who have diplomas from Collegium Humanum. I ordered an audit – revealed the mayor of Warsaw. – Let’s wait for clarifications as to whether some of the diplomas were awarded without proper work done by the student – added Rafał Trzaskowski.

How many shelters in Warsaw?

Security issues were also discussed. This is where the issue of shelters for civilians and their number in Warsaw arose. – We’ve finished the inventory. We know where Warsaw residents could take shelter. We have, for example, metro stations and underground parking lots – said Trzaskowski. – If we take into account all the places where Warsaw residents can take shelter, there is a place for all Warsaw residents to take shelter – he noted.

However, the mayor of Warsaw stipulated that these places must be prepared, well marked, a detailed plan made, and people must be shown where they are. – It is important to adopt such a law that when building new schools and public buildings, we ensure that there are shelters there. To ensure that schools that have such shelters, the so-called millennium, that there would be no warehouses there, but that they would be cleaned and there would be a place ready for any eventuality – he said.

He emphasized that such actions need a legal basis, which is why “the government is working on the Civil Defense Act.” He emphasized that security is a fundamental issue and will be strengthened.

Main photo source: TVN24

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