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Warsaw. Rafał Trzaskowski sums up the march on June 4, turnout

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The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, summed up the Sunday demonstration, which crowded the streets of the city. He stressed that it was “the largest demonstration in decades”.

Huge crowds took part in the opposition march in defense of democratic values, which passed through Warsaw on Sunday. The procession started from Na Rozdrożu Square and ended at Zamkowy Square. It filled the Royal Route on this section, as well as the nearby streets.

– We have not seen such a mobilization of ordinary citizens for many years. Half a million people at the demonstration showed incredible determination and disagreement with what is happening and with the populist actions of the PiS government that break democracy. For me, the most important thing is that Poland responds to this call “wake up, Poland” – said Rafał Trzaskowski during the Monday press briefing.

He noted that representatives of all opposition parties took part in the march. – It shows that in key moments we are able to be together. I think it is a good omen for the future, that we will be able to talk about a joint offer and joint governance of Poland, if, I hope, we win the elections, stressed the Mayor of Warsaw.

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“Great Support for a Strong Democracy”

He also referred to the issue of frequency data. Let us recall: the organizers talked about 500,000, the police unofficially about 100-150,000. – Anyone who has been on the streets of Warsaw and does not try to manipulate reality must admit that it was the largest demonstration in decades. I have never seen such crowds on the streets of Warsaw. We gave exactly half a million, because that’s what our calculations show. The subway alone carried 200,000 additional passengers that day. Buses from all over Poland brought over 60,000 people – indicated Trzaskowski.

Later, he added that “there have not been such large crowds on the streets of Warsaw for many years.” – Our estimates are very reliable, for example, they result from the occupancy of the subway. The crowds were inexhaustible, he stressed.

The Mayor of Warsaw summed up the Sunday march on the occasion of the 3rd Free Cities Pact Summit and the conference “Reshaping Democracy?”, which are held on Monday at the Copernicus Science Center in the capital. Mayors of European, including Ukrainian, cities take part in the summit.

– Yesterday’s demonstration showed the huge support of Polish society for a strong democracy, opposition to violations of the constitution, opposition to the politicization of institutions that should be independent and opposition to the idea of ​​establishing Bolshevik commissions that would replace the courts – said Rafał Trzaskowski on Monday, referring to the commission which is to examine Russian influence on Polish politics.

What is the Pact of Free Cities?

He noted that it is important to support cities and regions in the fight against populism. – When we established the pact with Budapest, Bratislava and Prague, we wanted the voice coming from the cities to defend democracy and, above all, make the voice of our residents heard – noted Trzaskowski. He also stated that the aim of the summit is to focus on the most important issues, such as housing or climate change.

The Pact of Free Cities was signed in December 2019 by the mayors of the capitals of the Visegrad Group countries – Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. “The Pact assumes two actions: firstly, related to the European context and EU funds, the transition to a green economy and the so-called Green New Deal, and secondly, to democratic values, an inclusive society and civic engagement. It also aims to develop partnerships in the area of ​​knowledge with out-of-town partners, such as teams of experts (so-called think-tanks) and academic institutions” – we read on the website of the capital city hall.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymanski/PAP

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