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Friday, January 28, 2022

Warsaw. Rainbow flags on monuments

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The rainbow flag hung on the Jan Kiliński monument in the Old Town. The police took up the matter. In the morning, the services received similar reports about other monuments in the capital. The deputy minister of justice submitted a notification to the prosecutor’s office on this matter. The prime minister also took the floor.


We received photos from Piekarska Street from our reader. You can see a rainbow flag stuck to the left hand of the statue of Colonel Jan Kiliński. As the author of the photograph told us, a piece of paper with the inscription “memory of those killed in hate attacks” was also hung on the monument.

The police received the report of the situation around 7.20 am. – There was indeed a colored flag on the monument. Police officers are working on the spot to ensure monitoring and determine the possible perpetrators of this event – informs Rafał Rutowski from the Warsaw Police Headquarters. He reserves, however, that it is too early to talk about the qualification of this act.

Flags on other Warsaw monuments

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Firemen were also called in front of the Kiliński monument. – We participated in the police intervention, we provided equipment to remove the flag – says Piotr Rżysko from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service. He also adds that this is not the only such submission on Wednesday. Firefighters also intervened at the Nicolaus Copernicus monument in Nowy Świat, as well as at the Old Town Square at the Mermaid statue.

The information about these cases is confirmed by the police. According to Rutkowski, in both cases the policemen deal with establishing the circumstances of the events. So far, no one has been arrested.

“In memory of the fallen in the fight against everyday hatred”

On social media, photos from the night action regarding monuments were shared by groups and people related to the fight against homophobia. One of the photographs shows an inscription placed on monuments as a manifesto. “It’s an attack! It’s an attack! It’s a rainbow! In memory of those who died in the fight against daily hatred, those who had the strength to jump into the darkness. Boosting faith in a better future for those who have been deprived of freedom and security by the state. Calling for an open war against discrimination. Commanding not to ask, never to beg for respect and pity again “- reads its content.

From the entry, we learn that apart from the rainbow flag and the manifesto, participants in the action placed purple handkerchiefs with the symbol of the anarchist movement on the monuments. According to social media reports, they appeared, among others, on the monuments of Józef Piłsudski in front of the Belweder Palace, Wincenty Witos in Plac Trzech Krzyży, the poet Taras Shevchenko at the intersection of Goworek, Spacerowa and Chocimska, and the figure of Christ in front of the Holy Cross Basilica in Krakowskie Przedmieście.

As Marcin Żurawski, deputy press officer of the city center police told us, the officers did not receive any reports regarding the remaining monuments. – We are in contact with the administrators of these facilities. They provide monitoring and inspections. If we receive reports, we will deal with this matter – he emphasized.

“A scandalous thing happened”

In the afternoon, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki commented on the matter. On Twitter, he posted a photo of him standing next to the statue of Christ at the Basilica of the Holy Cross. “There is no consent to profaning national and religious symbols in the name of any ideology,” he wrote.

Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta informed that he had submitted a notification to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw regarding the possibility of committing a crime by activists. He explained that there were two acts: insulting religious feelings (article 196 of the Criminal Code) and insulting a monument (article 261 of the Penal Code).

– A scandalous thing happened that must meet with a firm reaction from the state. LGBT left-wing militant groups have decided to desecrate these monuments, making it clear that they are fighting. For many months we have been discussing in Poland that LGBT circles represent a certain ideology that has set patriotic and Christian values ​​as its goal, said Kaleta. In his opinion this fight takes the form of “aggression towards symbols very important for our society”.

“A group of LGBT militants desecrated a number of monuments”TVN24

The politician of Solidarity Poland (Law and Justice parliamentary club) was outraged by the fact that activists placed a flag and other emblems on the figure of Christ in front of the Basilica of the Holy Cross. As he pointed out, it happened on the eve of the 76th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, and this monument reminds “Warsaw residents and Poles of very dramatic experiences and the strength of faith of the Polish nation”. It was knocked down as a result of the explosion of one of the missiles during the insurgent fighting. Later, the Germans took it away, but it was recovered after the war.

Main photo source: Robert Kuszyński / Oko. Press

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