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Warsaw. Reconstruction of Jana Kazimierza Street. Impediments

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Officials announced the start of a thorough reconstruction of Jana Kazimierza Street in Odolany. It will be renovated along its entire length. The works will cost PLN 35 million and will take almost two years.

– This is one of the long-awaited projects – said the vice-president of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski. – Today (Monday – ed.) we are announcing the start of this investment. The contractual 20 months is a time when there will be difficulties. They are essential to the realization of this project.

Olszewski stipulated that communication on Jana Kazimierza Street will be preserved during the reconstruction, and its subsequent modernized sections will be opened in stages.

– The rebuilt Jana Kazimierza is the beginning of good changes for the Odolany estate. It will start this year tram to Kasprzaka. We hope that nothing will spoil the schedule – said Olszewski. He added that the opening of the tram line is planned for autumn. Also this year, the town hall plans to show visualizations of what Ordona Street will look like after the reconstruction.

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“Socratic” changes to Jan Kazimierz

As Renata Niewitecka (KO), a councilor of Warsaw, announced during the Monday conference, 250 trees will be planted as part of the investment on Jana Kazimierza, while the green belt itself will be enlarged by 22,000. sqm We are also changing the lighting to LED. It will be ecological. Pedestrian crossings will also be illuminated.

– The contractor has 20 months from signing the contract to carry out the works. The contract was signed in May. The value of all works is PLN 35 million. This year we have five million allocated (for this purpose – ed.) – said Karolina Gałecka, deputy director of ZDM. Gałecka reminded that the renovation of the street was preceded by consultations.

The representative of road builders admitted that a thorough renovation is necessary. Compact buildings, large individual traffic, damaged roadway, old concrete lighting poles, little greenery – it can be seen with the naked eye.

The changes on the main artery of Odolany were called “Socratic” by road builders, thus referring to completed renovation of Sokratesa Street in Bielany. As they explained in the comparison, it meant that the street would be completely rebuilt. The roadway and sidewalks will be repaired, a bicycle path built along its entire length. The vehicular traffic, as at present, will be one lane in each direction. You will be able to park in parallel, in the bays. Pedestrian crossings will be secured with asylums. The whole is complemented by planting greenery.

A riddled, chaotically patched roadway

Jana Kazimierza is one of the main streets of intensively developing Odolany. Its surface has become a victim of dozens of trucks that serve numerous construction sites. The destroyed street underwent a temporary renovation in 2018, but the Municipal Roads Authority announced that ultimately Jan Kazimierz will undergo deeper changes, because not only the road itself – riddled with holes, chaotically patched with asphalt – but also the sidewalks leave much to be desired. There is also no bicycle path, and the crossings are dangerous.

A comprehensive reconstruction was announced already in 2019, but there was still a lack of funds for this purpose. In addition, work on designing and obtaining the necessary approvals for the renovation has been prolonged.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

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