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Warsaw. Reconstruction of roads in the capital. New rules of cooperation between the town hall and developers. What will change?

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The City Hall wants to simplify cooperation with developers. Completing the formalities when financing the reconstruction of roads around the investments is to be easier. According to the new rules, those who build in the suburbs will pay more than those who build in the center. But the latter will cost more to create parking spaces.

Let us recall: developers have to reconstruct the road system around their investment (although in practice this is not the case). The works are carried out on the basis of an agreement signed with the road administrator. It is the investor’s responsibility to prepare a reconstruction project and then carry it out at his own expense.

It is often a time-consuming procedure, lasting several months or even several years, which is associated with delays. “That is why, by the decision of President Rafał Trzaskowski, a new, uniform and simplified procedure was introduced. Investors of commercial facilities above 1,000 sq m or other buildings with an area of ​​more than 5,000 sq m will be able to use it. a special team led by the Municipal Roads Authority “- informed the city office.

According to the new procedure, this team will define the scope of the reconstruction and the value of the investor’s contribution. The guidelines are to allow for faster obtaining of a building permit and commencement of construction.

In the suburbs, a bigger contribution

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What other benefits will the new system bring? “Investors will contribute financially to the reconstruction of the road system in proportion to how large the investment is planned and what impact it will have on the city’s functioning. The rates were set by the president’s decree in such a way as to reward residential buildings closer to the center: in the suburbs this ratio will be correspondingly higher (usually road and social infrastructure are worse there – ed.). For example, a developer planning a housing estate with a usable area of ​​10,000 sq m in the center will be obliged to invest PLN 1.25 million in road reconstruction. 1.93 million This is due to the fact that the cost of proper communication between such housing estates in the suburbs is much higher, “add representatives of ZDM.

The new rules are to help in the fight against “automobile” in the center. Each new parking space in the hotel, office and service buildings in the central area will be associated with an additional PLN 10,000. Thus, when building an office building with an area of ​​10,000 square meters in the center with 200 parking spaces, the investor must take into account a contribution of PLN 4 million.

In addition, the town hall ensures that the contracts will contain provisions that, in the event of the investor’s failure to comply with the declaration, the city will be able to carry out the works at his expense.

Officials go a long way in anticipating the benefits of the new rules. They even hope that it can “stop the rising prices of new apartments”

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