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Warsaw. Reconstruction of the Dmowskiego roundabout. Start of work – August 9

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The capital city hall announced the commencement of work on the Dmowski roundabout. On August 9, traffic organization within the roundabout will change. Some public transport stops will be moved.

On August 9, road builders will begin to set up equipment. The extreme right lanes of the Marszałkowska road on the section from ul. Nowogrodzka to ul. View that will be excluded from traffic in the first stage of works. The Municipal Roads Authority has announced that the roundabout will not be completely closed during the works planned for the next six months.

Traffic changes from August 9th

In accordance with the new traffic organization, in force since August 9, at the access road to the Dmowskiego roundabout, both from the side of pl. Bankowy and pl. Savior, drivers will have three lanes at their disposal. It is possible to turn right from ul. Marszałkowska in Al. Jerozolimskie will be maintained – this maneuver will take place from the right lane, which today is used only for driving straight ahead. In addition, at Marszałkowska Street in the area of ​​ul. View (at the Department Stores) and between Nowogrodzka and Żurawia and at Nowogrodzka Streets, it will be prohibited to stop, also applicable to designated parking spaces.

Nowogrodzka on both sides of Marszałkowska Street will be narrowed in fragments. Parking rules and the organization of pedestrian traffic will change. The ban on entering Nowogrodzka from the Poznańska side will also apply to cyclists.

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The changes will also be felt when using the Centrum 01 bus stop. It will be moved towards Żurawia, behind Nowogrodzka Street. Buses at this point will stop on the road and the surface of parking bays will be raised to the level of the pavement. As a result, the course of the cycle path will slightly change there.

Difficulties will also affect pedestrian traffic. The sidewalks in front of the Novotel hotel (along with the parking bay) and the former Cepelia building will be narrowed – there will be three-meter-wide passages on the side of the buildings. The exits from underground passages will also be partially fenced off. Access from the underpass to the Centrum 06 stop at Al. Jerozolimskie will be narrowed to three meters, and the width of the access to the square in front of the Centrum metro station (the so-called pan) from Marszałkowska from the side of pl. The parade will be reduced to one and a half meters.

On August 9, work will begin on the Dmowski roundaboutUM Warsaw


The next stages of work at the Dmowskiego roundabout

The City Hall announces that such traffic organization is to apply until September 26. Until then, the contractor will regulate and partially replace curbs to places where overhead pedestrian crossings will be created. From the end of August, for about a month and a half, similar works related to the reconstruction of tram stops will be carried out on the other side of the road at ul. Marszałkowska. Drivers will then not be able to use the leftmost lanes and turn left into Al. Jerozolimskie will take place from the left lanes, from which today you can only go straight.

The culmination of works on ul. Marszałkowska will be the replacement of the surface on the access roads to the Dmowskiego roundabout on an approx. 150-meter section. Balzola is planning asphalting in mid-October – it will be carried out in one weekend, during which the roundabout entrances will be closed.

Then the robots will move to Al. Jerozolimskie. There, the contractor also plans to first exclude the extreme right lanes from traffic, and then – the extreme left ones. Here, too, the surface will be replaced last. The contractor wants to do it on one of the weekends at the turn of November and December, but as officials point out, due to the autumn time, the works will depend on weather conditions.

The end of works at the roundabout is planned at the turn of 2021 and 2022.

Nowe Rondo Dmowskiego – graphicsWarsaw City Hall

Four pedestrian crossings

The changes at the roundabout are aimed at improving the situation of pedestrians. Their main goal will be to build four above-ground passages with asylum between roads. After the reconstruction, people with disabilities, seniors, carers with children in prams will be able to get to the other side of the road without having to go down to the underpass. It will also change the situation of passengers who will not be forced to go underground to get out of stops.

Officials had previously announced that the zebra crossing traffic lights would be connected to the Integrated Traffic Management System, and the “green” time would be long enough for pedestrians to cross both lanes without stopping.

Zebras will be marked on each of the four sides of the intersection, but they will be about 150-200 meters from the roundabout itself: – through Marszałkowska on the north side, at ul. View. There is also planned a bicycle ride and a bicycle path section to ul. View (with a bicycle counter), and on the other hand, a bicycle connection to ul. Poznańska; – through Aleje Jerozolimskie on the west side, at the height of ul. Poznańska. There will also be a bicycle ride leading to ul. Poznańska (with a bicycle counter); – through Marszałkowska on the south side, at the height of ul. Nowogrodzka, with another bicycle ride along ul. Nowogrodzka (with a bicycle counter); – through Aleje Jerozolimskie on the eastern side, at the height of ul. Parking lot.

The City Hall explains that the designation of passages directly at the intersection inlets would be possible only in the case of liquidation of the roundabout and reconstruction of the underground exits and elevator lifts. However, such changes are planned. Their implementation is to be in line with the works on the cross-city line announced by PKP.

The contractor will also have the task of rebuilding tram stops. They will be widened and lengthened, and gentle ramps will appear at the entrances to the platforms.

What will change at the Dmowskiego roundabout?ZDM

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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