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Warsaw. Reconstruction of the Łazienkowska Route viaduct. When will the work end?

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There is already asphalt on the southern viaduct of Trasa Łazienkowska. These are some of the last works on the facility, which – like the northern viaduct at Agrykola – was built from scratch. It is to be ready by March next year, but there is a chance that the work will be completed sooner.

The demolition of the southern viaduct of Trasa Łazienkowska began in December last year, after the opening of the new northern viaduct. By February, the entire reinforced concrete structure of the southern viaduct, including the concrete slab, was completed. On Tuesday, paving began on the southern side of Trasa Łazienkowska.

– This investment was built in the 1970s and we had to renovate it, which of course caused some problems. But I am glad that we have accelerated and that we will be able to complete the viaduct much faster. The route was supposed to be ready by March 2024, but I hope that drivers will use this section before the end of this year. There will still be work under the viaduct, but traffic will finally start – and much faster. The rebuilt viaduct will connect Śródmieście with Saska Kępa, Grochów and Gocław, and the Łazienkowska Route will become fully through on the left side of the Vistula – says the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, quoted in the city hall’s announcement.

On the new viaducts, apart from the roads, there will be new bus stops, pedestrian and bicycle paths on both sides and ramps to improve road accessibility for people with mobility limitations. – And we will illuminate all this with new LED lanterns – it will be much brighter, safer and more comfortable – added the mayor of Warsaw.

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The announcement also indicated that the work may be completed earlier than planned (March 2024). “The pace of work allows us to assume that they will be completed before the planned date,” the city hall wrote.

Asphalting the Łazienkowska RouteEwelina Lach/UM Warszawa

More than 110,000 cars a day, experts recommended demolition

The new viaducts of Trasa Łazienkowska are approximately 400 meters long. They will replace the old facilities that were built together with the remaining part of Trasa Łazienkowska and have been in use since 1974. Due to their deteriorating technical condition, it was necessary to demolish and rebuild them.

Before the ongoing reconstruction began, over 110,000 vehicles passed through them daily. In 2015, specialists from the Warsaw University of Technology performed an expert opinion on the technical condition of the viaducts, in which they recommended dismantling the structures and rebuilding them from scratch.

In July 2021, the Capital City Development Authority signed an agreement with SKANSKA for the reconstruction of viaducts. The first of them, the northern one, was closed to traffic at the end of January 2022. Its demolition and then reconstruction began. In December 2022 – after less than 11 months – the new northern viaduct was ready. Its opening enabled traffic to be switched in both directions to the northern side of Trasa Łazienkowska and work to commence on the southern side.

Stairs are being built, barriers and balustrades are being installed

Apart from laying surfaces with the so-called hard-surface asphalt – on the entire, over 400-meter long section of the southern viaduct – stairs leading to it are being built in parallel. The installation of barriers and balustrades is also underway, and both structures – northern and southern – are being protected against corrosion.

Works on the Łazienkowska RouteCezary Warś/UM Warszawa

Comprehensive finishing works are also taking place under the viaduct – traffic lights are being built at the Sedlaczka roundabout, and curbs are being placed on its southwestern part. In addition, a pedestrian and bicycle route is being built next to the Church of Our Lady of Jerusalem on ul. Łazienkowska. Work on laying sidewalks adjacent to the pedestrian and bicycle path in Ujazdowski Park will also be completed soon.

The investment cost is approximately PLN 90.5 million. It is implemented by the Capital City Development Authority. The contractor of the works is SKANSKA SA.

The investment at Agrykola Park is the next stage of the reconstruction of Trasa Łazienkowska, carried out in recent years. So far, the following have been renovated: the Łazienkowski Bridge, the flyovers at the junctions with Wisłostrada and Wał Miedzeszyński, and the viaduct at Przyczółek Grochowski. In mid-2025, the ongoing reconstruction of the viaducts of the Łazienkowska Route in Saska Kępa will be completed.

Main photo source: Ewelina Lach/UM Warszawa

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