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Warsaw. Reconstruction of viaducts of Trasa Łazienkowska, renovation of railway workers. A lot of difficulties in Powiśle

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Several buses will change their schedules from Monday. It is about the reconstruction of Trasa Łazienkowska and the renovation of the railway viaduct in Powiśle.

Reconstruction of viaducts of Trasa Łazienkowska is in progress in Powiśle. From Monday, road workers will close the entrance to Łazienkowska Street from the side of the Sedlaczka roundabout, passengers of public transport must expect difficulties.

Changes in Łazienkowska

Until now, Łazienkowska Street was passable in the direction of Czerniakowska – from Monday, as officials informed, this direction of traffic will also be closed. Therefore, the line buses 107, 159, N33 and N83 will run on detour routes in both directions, current route 171 and 517 It will not change.

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107, 159 towards Esperanto, CH Blue City: CHEŁMSKA/MAŁE SIEKIERKI/EC SIEKIERKI – … – Czerniakowska – Light Chevaliers – Myśliwiecka – Rozbrat – Górnośląska – J. Hoene-Wrońskiego – Myśliwiecka – … – ESPERANTO/CH BLUE CITY; in the direction of Chełmska, Małe Siekierki, EC Siekierki: ESPERANTO/CH BLUE CITY – … – Górnośląska – Myśliwiecka – Szwoleżerów – Czerniakowska – … – CHEŁMSKA/MAŁE SIEKIERKI/EC SIEKIERKI;

171, 517 only in the direction of Chomiczówka, Ursus-Niedźwiadek: TORWAR – Łazienkowska – Czerniakowska – Szwoleżerów – Myśliwiecka – Rozbrat – … – CHOMICZÓWKA/URSUS-NIEDŹWIADEK,

N33, N83 in both directions: DEPARTMENT WORONICZA/PKP PIASECZNO – … -Czerniakowska – Szwoleżerów – Myśliwiecka – Rozbrat – … – DW. CENTRAL.

This traffic organization will take about five months.

Closure of Łazienkowska StreetWTP

Renovation of the viaduct on Solec

Also on Monday, railwaymen will start repairing the railway viaduct over Solec Street in Powiśle. The work will take approximately three weeks. The Solec passage under the flyover will be closed. There will be a ban on stopping on this section of the street, also in designated parking spaces. Pedestrians will be able to pass under the viaduct once on one side of the street and once on the other.

Line buses at this time 118 and 127 will be diverted to detour routes in both directions:

118, 127: MARIENSZTAT/BROWARNA – … – Dobra – Tamka – L. Kruczkowski – Książęca – DWORKOWA/NEW WŁOCHY.

There will also be no stops during this time Al. May 3, 01, 02 and Jaracz 01, 02.

Main photo source: WTP

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