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Warsaw. Redevelopment of Plac Na Rozdrożu. Changes for pedestrians from Tuesday, April 25

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Road builders have started renovation works at Plac Na Rozdrożu. From Tuesday, passers-by are waiting for the first changes. They are primarily related to the narrowing of sections of sidewalks, announced the city hall.

Renovation works will cover the entire Na Rozdrożu Square – on both levels. As part of the investment, lifts will be installed to connect the upper part of the square with Trasa Łazienkowska. Downstairs, the stops will be reconstructed and widened.

Two new above-ground pedestrian crossings will appear on the square itself – on the western side of Aleje Ujazdowskie (through the entrance to Koszykowa Street) and in the axis of Aleja Wyzwolenia. Cyclists will also benefit. Existing crossings will be widened, a bicycle link will be built on the western side of the square and a bicycle path will connect this place with the overpasses over Agrykola that are being reconstructed. Investment details last week was presented by the mayor of the capital, Rafał Trzaskowski.

They will occupy the sidewalks and part of the bike path

On Tuesday, April 25, at 7 am, the implementation of temporary traffic organization will begin. Road workers will mainly occupy sidewalks and a fragment of the road for bicycles. The first fences will appear, e.g. along the Ujazdowski Park fence and the avenue of Biuro Odbudowy Stolicy. A fence will also be set up in the north-western corner of the square, and pedestrians and cyclists will use this section of the road together. Construction fences will block the entrances to both underground passages. Over time, further barriers will appear, which will temporarily limit the width of the sidewalks in various parts of the square.

At a later stage, the contractor will also narrow the road “snail” – leading to the western part of Plac Na Rozdrożu, in the direction of Mokotów. Drivers will have one lane at their disposal. The entrance to Koszykowa Street as well as the exit from Aleja Wyzwolenia will be slightly narrowed.

Drivers should exercise extreme caution in the area of ​​the square. The Contractor will place posts along the edge of the roadway, which will allow, among others, to carry out replacement of curbs, but in places they will limit the width of the lane.

The works on Plac Na Rozdrożu will take about a year. The cost of the investment – carried out by Strabag – will amount to PLN 26.4 million. It will be co-financed under the Government Road Development Fund.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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