Warsaw. Renovation in Skaryszewski Park. When will the work end?


The renovation of Skaryszewski Park is underway, and road workers started it in September in cooperation with the Greenery Board. The work has entered the next stage. Warsaw residents will be able to walk along the new avenue in spring, announces the Municipal Roads Authority.

Skaryszewski Park is a pearl on the map of Warsaw. In 2009, in the fourth edition of the Briggs&Stratton competition, it was honored with the title of the Most Beautiful Park in Poland, and in the Best Park 2009 edition it took third place in Europe. There are unique specimens of trees and shrubs in the park – including bitter hickory, American loggerheads and ancient Japanese magnolias.

The avenue will be water-permeable

In addition to the rich flora, Skaryszewski Park, built in 1905-16, also has an interesting history and has been a historic site since 1973, so the renovation required the consent of the conservator. Road workers are replacing the surface of the main avenue, it will now be water-permeable. The final section near the Washington Roundabout will be made of asphalt. As in the past, before the (now defunct) monument to the Fallen Soldiers of the Red Army was erected in the park, the green belt will not divide the avenue into two smaller parts.

Historic, but only in appearance, there will also be lighting. The concrete pillars will be replaced with stylized lanterns replicating the crosiers from 1923. LED lighting will be equipped with motion sensors that will adjust the light intensity to the number of walkers. This solution will work from 10 p.m. to midnight and will save energy. From midnight to morning, the color temperature will decrease. Thanks to this, the effect of “light pollution” will be smaller and the lighting color will be more animal-friendly.

The initial part of the main avenue, closed at the earliest, is still under renovation. But as these works are nearing completion, the contractor decided to start rebuilding the next section. This will speed up the modernization of “Skaryszak” – Warsaw residents will be able to walk along the new avenue in spring. “We closed the avenue only in the autumn and winter, even though we started work in the summer, so as to make using the park as little difficult as possible for residents. We also do not completely close the intersections with the peripheral avenue,” road engineers emphasize in the press release.

Without interfering with nature

There are 280 species of trees and shrubs in the park. Trees, including common ash trees, had so far grown next to the asphalt surface, which caused the road to crumble and the curbs to rise. However, the project did not mention any interference with nature or cutting down any greenery.

ZDM ensures that the trees are properly protected during renovation, for example with barriers that protect them against damage. We carry out the work in such a way as to minimize the risk of damaging the huge ash trees as much as possible. After the renovation is completed, the green area around the trees will be enlarged, which will improve their living conditions. The greenery will not be disturbed by lighting cables – they will be routed in the middle of the avenue, not next to the trees.

In addition to the renovation of the main avenue and the replacement of lighting, other works by the Green Management Board are also carried out in the park. In 2020, as part of the Citizens’ Budget, the surface of the alley running from Wiedza Street to the main axis of Skaryszewski Park was replaced and the lawns on both sides were renovated. Additionally, tree care treatments were carried out and six new trees were planted.

Last year, it was voted to continue this project. Work related to the repair of the alley on the shore of Lake Kamionkowskie, laying a mineral surface and restoring the damaged tree stand are almost finished.

Main photo source: ZDM

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